Exhibition/ registration


anyone know what is like on the Saturday to register ?
Ive done it on a Wed x 2 but cant get there til Saturday. Is it horrendously busy with lots of queing ?



  • I've always registered on a Saturday and never had a problem. Last year we arrived at midday, the que at my spot was all of one person with no more than half a dozen at all the other counters. Hope it's the same again next year because I'm going up on the Saturday again.
  • It's usually fine. I do it then with no bother. If its your first though - you'll wander round the expo for hours soaking it all up !
  • I did just that the first time - spent too much time on my feet instead of resting, so last year I got a clubmate to go and pick up my number whilst I slept at the hotel:)
  • Cheers guys- 3rd time- but first on Saturday to register.!

    Might have a few beers as find it hard to sleep that night before !
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