I would love to run the Grizzly in March but am unfortunately not as well organised as everyone who has signed up and filled all the available places. If you have a place and cannot run for whatever reason, please drop me a line....even last minute! Many thanks.


  • best bet is to mail the organisers and ask for a place if someone drops out. They arent very keen on people running under other peoples names.......

    Anyhow you must be mad to even think about such a silly idea.
  • There are quite often a few numbers being offered around nearer the time, the organisers are very good in letting you change names on the day so its not a problem if you get hold of a number.
  • Yes, I tried to pass on a number from a friend of mine 2 years ago on this forum - no takers!

    Ask nearer the time & you'll probably get a place.
  • OK, thankf for the advice, I'll try nearer the time! See you there!
  • Yeh the grizzly are very good about dealing with changed numbers - providing you inform them of the name change/ number transfer obviously!

    Last year on the Grizzly thread about a month before hand they where a few numbers being offered up if I remember rightly.

    I was after one myslef untilI discovered that the event clashed with another I wanted to do.
  • I am puzzled by the mention of numbers, I have entered the Grizzly (cheque cashed so presumably I'm in), but have had no notification of entry number yet.

    Is this because it's too early to have had one, or has there been some problem with the entrt process?
  • The Grizzly peeps sent out a mailing last week with info of accommodation, pasta party, etc. Yours has maybe just been caught up in the chrismas mail.
  • OK, I'll wait for the mailing to arrive.
  • I'm running the grizzly for the 1st time.
    Any advice on the best footwear to get through?
  • MT shoes of some sort, do not use road shoes or you will end up doing bambi impressions, spikes no use either as there are road / beach sections.
  • Carolyn - Mrs 90 will not be using her place, email me if you're still looking for one. (You're email is not enabled)
  • Is this place still available?
  • Gram,You need shoes with as much grip as possible, as very, very slippery but as someone else said there are beach/road sections as well, it was cold, muddy thigh deep in places, water was freezing, but so much fun and everyone helps everyone else.

    Carolyn,A friend of mine took my uncles place last year, they will change names for free, as they want to have the full field of 2000 runners, my friend sent off my uncles number and 3 days later they telephoned my uncle to check that he had given his number to someone else.

    On the entry form it does say that places go very fast, but if you can beg/steal/borrow a number then please do.

    Good luck to all who run it, see you there.
  • Colin, if your cheque is cashed that is your confirmation of being in.
  • Carolyn

    Do you still want a number for the Grizzly
    Email me if you do

  • Just to emphasise this, if you swap numbers please let Oh Limpy One (and two) on the information desk know...

    Thanks very much
  • I've got a place but doing the Duchy instead - do you want mine?
  • Please let me know if you have a spare number that i can have - i will reimburse u - my number is 07765 863896.Or e mail _ I did this race 2 years ago - it was terrific....
  • I have a place! Number 1848. I can't do the race but would like to pass this on to a keen runner. All I ask is that you cover the entry fee that I've paid already. Call me on 07786385776 or email

  • I have a spare Grizzly number up for grabs. I've already notified OLO that I'm not running the Grizzly as I have managed to get hold of a Cub number. If anyone is interested, email me. The number is 800 btw.
  • I've got another (not mine) if there is anybody left wanting to do the event (they seem to be dropping like flies!) Email me too.
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