Buying Gear in New York

I will be travelling to New York in Jan and am hoping to get some new kit there. Does anyone know of any good Running Shops in Manhattan they could reccomend I presume the range and price of gear there will be a lot better than in the U.K, any info gladly accepted. Cheers


  • Hi Jamie
    The best one i found was Paragon Sports, i think their website is
    oh also niketown is quite good as well
  • Jamie,

    Went there in October. Absolutely fantastic place. Don't know how long you are there for but you have to run in Central Park. Its an experience i will never forget. If you have time, do the 'Big' loop (6 miles, very hilly) as well as a few laps of the reservoir.

    anyway...thats not your question.

    I bought some stuff in Niketown on E 57st (just off 5th Avenue). It was huge - don't know how it compares to Regent Street.

    The other place I went to was 'Super Runner Shop'. They are scattered all over Manhattan, but I weny to the Grand Central Station one.

    Foot Locker appeared to be the other main chain retailer, but I ddidn't go to one.

    Don't know if the stuff is different to what you can buy in the UK, but it felt American anyway!

    Have a great time.

  • Jamie - Quality City;
    I thought Nike Town was worth a visit just to see it. It is vast. I wasn't sure that the prices were much different to home however.
    The running shop in Grand Central Station was small but good. The only thing I priced up was a Timex SDM which was $200 versus £200 over here.
    Have a good time.
  • I ran round Central Park in October too! Like SM says, do it. You certainly won't want for company.

    As far as shops are concrened. I'm with Stretch Aramstrong on this, prices in Niketown aren't too cheap but it is worth a look. I saw a dodgy t-shirt in there which read something like "You've got to catch me to mug me". You've got to be seriously quick or stupid to wear that!

    Have a good time, it's a wonderful place.
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