what to do instead

Soon as i saw the parcel i new i was rejected. after being pissed off for the day decided to hunt around for alternatives. Does anyone know about any of the following, if they are good etc, difficulty and so on
Leeds marathon
Paris marathon April 6th
Edinborough 15th June


  • Paris is a popular choice. Thats what I am doing and many other forumites. Least the fleece wasnt bad eh? (ALthough I'm now covered in blue fluff;-))
  • Shakespeare marathon in Stratford, usually a week or so behind the FLM.
  • The fleece is quite smart have not warn it yet, will take your advice and wash it before i wear to minimise fluffage. Also do you not think people will look at you knowing you did not actually get into the marathon if you wear the fleece.

    Maybe a rival marathon could be organised where an entry requirement is a rejection letter and a bequethment fleece. What do ya reckon.
  • Rotterdam is on the same day and has a very good reputation. I am going for that one.

  • Also on the same day is the Tresco marathon - eight laps of one of the Scilly Isles. RW did a review not so long ago.
  • I haven't been rejected yet but i am a bit pessamistic considering the odds, but being a first timer i would like it to be something a bit special. So Paris is looking very attractive.

    Website is www.parismarathon.com/marathon/2003/us/index.html
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