If you don't ask!

I fully understand that lots of people on here are running for different charities, on gold bonds or otherwise, and we all have our own very personal reasons for doing so. However, just thought I'd pop my web link on here, in case anyone is browsing who would like to help the children of Whizz-Kidz, as thats who I have chosen to run for. I have 2 healthy and active children who both compete in various sports - it was my kids energy and enthusiasm which inspired me to get fit and run. So now I just want to show how thankful I am by giving something back to a charity which is helping other kids, without mobility, to gain as much independence and freedom as possible.

Anyway, thats my "plug". Obviously I'l be organising events to raise as much as possible for Whizz-kidz - my first being a link up with the club my kids swim for to hold a sponsored swimathon - but if anyone wishes to find out more please visit my page www.justgiving.com/juliesmarathon

Thankyou for reading, Happy Christmas and New Year, and Happy Training too!!!


  • good onya happy i shall be visiting your site. I posted a similar thread and got a very negative response to it from some members!!
    and if you dont mind i'll add my link to this one!?!?
  • Course I don't mind! we are all just trying our best to do our best for the right reasons aren't we

    And thankyou!
  • no problem, all the best
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