Liverpool/Merseyside/Cheshire URWFRC

besides, I'm sick of going through all the numerous threads you guys chat on.

and where is everyone..? I'm not well.



  • Cath ! Whasssup ?
  • Hiya Cougs -- sore throat worse this mornin'
  • Oh pants. Try gargling with TCP ?
  • using that spray stuff antiseptic/anaesthetic and got me Tooons!

    Like the new hat ;o)

  • Fank Yew. V Xmassy innit ?

    I must say - you are looking younger than ever ! Xmas suits you !
  • Hiya sorry to hear Cath.... have to admit my throat feels like I've gargled with drain cleaner ........

    Supposed to be doing the "Round Chester Walls " on Boxing day
  • Hiya Dave - I looked at that and it were full :o(

    Decided to go for the CAFOD 7K on Monday instead - which is just as well if this lurgy kicks in
  • Cougs -- I was 4 there :D
  • We entered ages ago Cath, we are only 3 miles out of Chester... But don't think I will make it, Suzie will still do it tho. Good luck for Monday, we are visiting relatives in the Lakes monday
  • Dave -- trying to get a few mates involved and the scouse contingent are coming along (except Jakesy cuz Mrs banned racing over hols)
  • Right I'm off shopping (again)

    later gators

  • Awwwww look at Cath - watch it though, Dodge defends his territory vigorously.

    Get well soon & good idea with the fred!
  • I'm not well either. I'm barking like a mad dog gone mad at the moment and keeping everyone awake at night.
  • Someone should chuck you out in the garden FF.........
  • If you lot give me the lurgy when im up there over the Crissie period ..............Be prepared to feel the pain that follows death and destruction........(must stop watching these B class films)

  • Nicko -- lurgy is fecking rampant up here almost everyone I know has got it - except my mother which is just as well cuz she's looking after everyone else.

    nrky pants -- whatcha mean..?

    Fat Face -- eh up (cough)

  • ugh not well...


    but even more so... <sulk>

  • Lurgy? Me too, 'fraid. My work colleagues keep asking me to get take the dog to the vet and have it put down cos my barking's driving them mad!
    Charmed, I'm sure!
    Happy Christmas, everyone!!

  • UKH - yeah lurgy. Cold, sore throat, hacking cough, burning tight chest etc etc. Least I'm not at work though.

  • I had the dreaded lurgy last week. Gutted to miss out on the beer in Liverpool. Spent the whole weekend in bed, which normally wouldn't be too bad if in good company but not great when feeling like s***e!

    Enjoyed the piccies though. Deffo pink!

    Maybe you all caught it from this forum, I believe computer viruses can be very contagious!

  • Yeah, someone said you was ill Viking. I think was said 'ah what a shame' and then drank a pint (or 6) for you instead

  • Thanks Cath, much appreciated! It made me feel a whole lot better knowing you lot were getting ratted in Liverpool!
    Got loads of sympathy from FF as well who replied "tart"! Charming.

  • well, Viking sorry... but in the face of lots of beer and well, at least there were a few moments of commiseration that you missed it

    and FF can talk - he didn't LOOK well at all and he's paying the price now anyway (he's got the lurgy too)


  • I'm laying a book actually that my new pic isn't approved today. Any takers..?


  • and...

    as if by magic !!!!!!!!!!


  • Actually - if my mother saw what had been done to that pic... she'd have a fit!

  • Glad you're feeling better Viking. At least you had the lurgy last weekend rather than this weekend like what I've got now :-(
  • FF, hope you get better soon. Dr Viking prescribes plenty of hot toddies to help you on your way. Take your prescription to the nearest off license immediately!

  • eh, what about me..? I wuz 'ere first!


    Seriously, off to brave the last minute crowds to go to chemists...

    later gators


  • harrumph

    bet all the scouse contingent are pi$$ed by now.

    Have a good one folks!


    (like to spread my germs around a bit!!)

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