Ciclosport speed distance system

Have you seen the speed distance system by Ciclosport on page 65 of Runners World.

Anyone got one or considering getting it.

Could be a good compromise between Timex and Nike system.


  • I certainly am considering it! Bargain price and seeing as its just as cheap as the Nike Tailwind and easier to read when running (ie. don't have to stop and examine your foot to read info) it seems like a rather good wotsit
  • Jon,

    Keep me updated if you get one. It does look like it could be good if accuracy and reliablility are OK, plus can combine with their heart rate monitor to get reading on one watch.

    No way I can justify getting one since just bought the Timex SDM, but like to keep up-to-date for future reference.

    Karoake (Gadget Boy)Pacer

  • Timex SDM's seem to do the trick! Venom has one and he swears by it. It looks like January (post christmas!) if I do get one!
  • Timex SDM? - gotta join this thread...

    The Ciclosport certainly looks interesting, although I reckon you need to buy the HRM as well to make it really useful (checking the data on your wrist is a hell of a lot easier than trying to look down at your waist). Even with that, £250 for SDM and HRM is a very good deal. I'd certainly be interested in hearing anyone's experience of it (particularly regarding accuracy).

    Regarding accuracy, my Timex SDM measured a 10 mile race (Thanet) at 10.04 miles this weekend. Pretty damn impressive methinks.
  • I agree it sounds imteresting, two questions though;

    a) does anyone out there understand how it works and whether the technology is plausible?

    b) if you have the HRM with it do you definitely get all the data on your watch?
  • Hi Tom,

    I looked up Ciclosport web page.

    Blurb says its the same technology that police radar speed guns work on ie Doppler effect (measures change in frequency of the radar waves in relation to motion). A long time since I did physics but I guese that speed guns need to be accurate.

    Not sure what the radar waves bounce off - the ground I suppose and then back to the unit and the frequency change depends on the speed the runner is going.

    The specificiation about what can be viewed on the watch looked OK. Or at least I think that what I was reading and not just what can be viewed on the unit itself.

    This really does look like an alternative to check out - but who will take the plunge first?
  • thanks someone will take the plunge soon no doubt!!
  • KP... They bounce off the ground I think!
  • If anyone's thinking about the Nike SDM I have one for sale - used 8 times - for anyone with a spare £150.....
  • What is the webpage for the Ciclosport SDM?

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