cold or flu when can i run again?

whats the difference between a cold and the flu?

I've had a temp for the last 4 days and it's now improving. Came on really suddenly.... went for a run early wednesday morning with very slight sore throat other than that felt fine, by lunch temp was rising and throat resembled "dried up parrots cage"! got loads worse till now.

Anyway not looking for sympathay but answers as to when i can go back out again, was it flu or a bad cold? not that I have been sneezing the way still have cough.


  • It was a cold that you had. Flu is where you get all the symptoms of a cold AND you also have in addition, inflammation of the respiratory tract (chest and lungs), headaches, muscular aches and pains and basically you feel like you need to be lying down all the time. With a cold - it's just a blocked nose and/or stuffy head usually.

    Generally the gist of most advice here is that if you are affected above the neck... you can run as soon as you feel able. If you are affected below the neck, you should take an appropriate amount of time to recover before running. For example, I have the flu now and I'm supposed to be running on Monday in a fun run - but it will be at least a week now before I run again. This is because with a chest infection/flu there is a very small risk of causing cardiac problems.
  • With flu you cant get out of bed ...with cold you can function,uncomforably!Bit like difference between headache or migraine.Is that right you Docs?
  • This virus things a pain!!! Seems everyones got it at moment. I started like you, with sore throat, then the weakness washed over me. Then next day started feeling better but had a nasty cough. Then only 2 days later was "perspiring like a farmyard animal" had to have day off work because I just could not get out of bed, and ached all over. On the mend now, still have awful cough but I am entered into a 10K on Tuesday. Hope I can do it. Even if I have to walk a bit. Think it was the flu.

  • how long have you had it Fee..? This is 3rd day for me now
  • Thanks for all your replys.

    Cath... we shall have to reshedual christmas and new year at this rate!

    I hope it is just a cold but temp won't go away (6 days now)and I am now getting CROSS!
    I do hope everyone feels betters soon.

    Fee.... I have the cough too and sound like I smoke 100 a day! My kids thought I had the cat purring on me!!! sadly not, just me breathing!

  • Bertie -- well, I've completely missed out on Christmas this year (not that I was planning on anything exciting anyway) and I'm now on day 4 and my ears still hurt, temperature is still raging and I'm also getting a bit fed up with coughing and being in pain. I've been in bed the last two days too. Only managed to make it into my office this morning because I was so fed up yesterday with getting tangled up in bed with the laptop cables! And boredom! Don't get me started on that!!

    Hope you feel better soon too!

  • I took part in a charity raft race yesterday on the river derwent.
    And am really suffering for it today
    Great fun though
    Coughing, in and out of sleep etc
    hope its not too long before i'm out running again

  • Rule of thumb - If you have any aches from the neck downwards don't run - it 'can' be dangerous - otherwise run. I have just run off a heavy head cold.
  • Cath, sorry for late reply, only just back on computer. Well it's a week today since I was bed ridden. I'd say that in total 11 days I've had it. But must say that I am feeling much better today. It is day 12 and coughing is much less frequent now even though still quite "barky". Hope to go out in new year again, I'm just so worried that if I go running at the moment I'll get a sudden coughing fit. I hope you all feel better soon, and a Happy New Year to you all.
  • I've been sick with a flu type virus since Christmas Eve. I'm on the mend, but I'm still coughing my guts up! My training for FLM was going superbly until this.

    The way I see it, there is just no point in heading out running when you're sick, it will just slow down your recovery and increase the chances of a relapse.

    I've lost pretty much a week now because of this, and although it's frustrating, there isn't much I can do apart from stay indoors, and take it easy.

    Get well soon to anyone else suffering, and Happy New Year!
  • Been asleep most of day ,during hours awake i got to wondering where the first cold virus came from....i mean someone had to have it first didnt they!!Dont think any of us should don the trainers until we are completely well.Hope everyone mends soon!
  • I'm still not well, but I've decided that tomorrow I'll start some training again. I can't sit around forever, I have the FLM to run!
  • Ok so now I am really p!!ssed off, have just managed to get a Dr's appointment to find that I have a chest infection and have been give 2 weeks !!! of antibiotics and strict instructions of NO RUNNING, NO EXERCISING for at least 2 weeks........

    I can't believe this I was doing so well and now it's all going down the pan! I have a race booked for Feb and at this rate I will be walking it!!! sob!! (I need sympathy now!)

    I suppose it serves me right for not going to the Dr sooner but being Christmas and a mother of 3 children becoming ill is not part of the equation!

    Take note everyone don't be brave and put off going to the Dr..........
  • I might go actually, although I do feel I've just got a mild cough left as my symptoms. I'm going down to my running club tonight to train having had a full 10 days off with this nasty little virus!

    I do sympathise fully bertie...I was in really good form before getting sick, and had recently run a PB for 10 miles. I was oozing confidence.

    I'll go down tonight and probably get a load of jip from my coach about why I haven't trained etc...I feel thoroughly hacked off!

  • Bertie -- I went to see Doc this morning. I also got the same lecture. Nor running, no exercise and I have to stay off work this week. He didn't give me antibiotics though because he reckoned that

    (a) the worst of it was over seeing as the temperature had broken and the air entry to my right lung base has improved and

    (b) he reckoned that because my system was hammered with super-dooper-antibiotics all last year whilst having chemo, it was probably worthwhile avoiding them and letting my poor old body build up it's natural immunity again (which I kind of agreed with)


    Martin -- I'm the same. Thoroughly pi$$ed off now. harrumph.
  • Glad it wasn't just me. Had the same thing down to the burning eyeballs. Unfortunately I seem to have been on the verge of illness for about a month.

    Has anybody got any prevention suggestions? I just stay inside and don't do much but does get VERY boring and only manage to run about three times before I get sick again.
  • I ran tonight and came through it without feeling any worse. I did an up tempo 6 miler with my club. I think I am over the worst now.

    I really hope everyone gets better soon.

    Cath and Bertie, look after yourselves. I know it's a setback on your race Bertie, but there will be others in March.

    cdc, I think if you're going to get a dose of flu, there is little you can do. There is the flu jab which I might consider next year. It's a good idea to dose yourself up with vitamins as heavy exercise does tend to cause your immune system to dwindle.
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