Heart Rate Monitor

Bascially, which one should I get?
I like playing with information on the computer, but I can live without it if the watch stores stuff that I can record manually.

I think I really just want one to monitor how hard I am working and help me to make my hard work outs hard and my easy runs easy.

But if anyone has found that their HRM has helped them in other ways, that would be useful too!!


  • Santa bought me a Polar 210 and its great!
  • Polar are the originals, and may be pricier than the rest, but I still like them. Check out their site www.polar.fi - they tell you what the watches can do.

    I still think simpler is better - I know they can record your heartrate every few seconds, and plot a graph with it that looks very pretty - but does it make you a faster runner ?
  • I've got a polar 120, basic stuff but had it over two years and still on orginal batteries & never had any problems with it.
  • Hang on until January 27th and you could have one from Aldi for £14.99. Seems to have lots of features according to the leaflet and from previous posts on these forums, most people seem to like them.
    No computer downloading though.
  • Agree with Debbie I have had a welby from Aldi for a while, for the price they have it all, no computer download as far as I can see, but otherwise great.
  • Well, I couldn't wait and once Wiggle were able to confirm that the dhb19 has a lap function, it was ordered.

    Should be here by the end of the week - hurrah!!!! The blurb (granted, is supposed to sell the product) makes it sound like it has everything I could possibly want at less than £50 and it looks beautiful too.

    I have found though that shops are useless for these things!!! Everyone only seems to sell polar (I also found out that I say the word "polar" like a wally.... "po-laar"!) and nothing else and since polar ones need to be sent away for battery changes then forget that for a bag of chips!

    Will let you know how I go with dhb - I am looking forward to it!
  • I have had my polar M21 for nearly 2 years and the battery hasn't run out.

    I tried using a cheaper heart rate monitor from Maplin before I got my polar but for some reason everytime I sweated on the monitor strap it broke.

  • If you like to interface with your PC the Polar s610 is the business. Every exercise can be uploaded to the PC and any info you want obatained and graphed. If you want speed etc as well the s625x looks the untimate gadget...

    I have had cheap HRM's in past but have not been happy with them. You could not get my 610 off me for love nor money!

    Cougie - re your point, does it make me faster? No - but it does let you know where you pushed to hard and where you let it slip after an event.

    OK - I am a bit of a geek and love my gadgets...
  • Went out Saturday with a s610 on one wrist (thxs Mrs Santa) and a Timex SDM on the other (from Mrs Santa last year). Hows that for being totally geekish.
  • Jen*gle Bells

    Was the DHB 19 any good - I'm thinking of getting one myself!


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