I was diagnosed with jumper's knee recently....

I have this injury since March/April and at the moment unable to do any running.

Doctor advised me to take up other sports such as siwmming and told me if possible not to take up any more running.

To those who had this injury b4, how long will it take to recover? What is the best way to recover quickly?

All advise appreciated!



  • You need to get the cause of the injury determined before treatment can comence. You may well have a quad imbalance which will nedd to be sorted out. As this is treated the symptons will disappear.

    Consult a suitably qualified sports therapist or physio.
  • Fellali,

    I have bought a PSC and PattStrap from but they have a product I have not tried which is for Patellar Tendonitis. It is called a KneeGard.. I am not sure how well it will work for you but I have to tell you the PSC has done wonders for my PF and the PattStrap works very well for ITBS, so I assume the KneeGard will work well as well.

    Best of Luck, Cheers.
  • thank you all for your advice!! :)
  • I have been suffering from patella tendonitis since August.

    I tried ulrasound, acupuncture, etc to no avail. Had an mri scan that showed the inflamation but nothing else damaged.

    Diagonsis was very tight quads and an imbalance between the inner thigh quads and outer quads. Stretch, stretch, gym exercises and more stretching.

    I also have a PattStrap and found this fantastic - it takes the pressure off and has allowed me to start running again. To reduce the inflamation I also take a tincture of 'devils claw' a plant extract that is a natural anti-inflamatory. Ibuprofen is bad for your stomach lining, cortisone injection will get rid of the inflamation but not cure the problem.

    I can now run up to 70minutes at a steady pace and weekly mileage is up to 25miles.

    Cause of this has been overuse - did the FLM this year off of 70miles/week since Feb., 10km race the following weekend, train and race all summer without a proper break.

    Hope this helps
  • Damo, thx for the info. looks like i might give the patt strap a go!

    been to a couple of knee specialist...

    the first one told me the pain was due to ITB being too tight and hence causes knee displacement etc.

    the 2nd doctor told me i have PT which i believe was a more acurate diagnosis.

    oh BTW where can i get 'devils claw'? can i get them from Boots or any over the counter drug store in london?
  • Go and see a really good podiatrist. I got patella tendonitits after a half marathon. No sign of it before hand through 5 months of good training. Afterwards I saw 3 physios and 2 consultants 2 podiatrists, none of whom seemed to get to the bottom of the problem and some were not very sympathetic. Finally I went to see a podiatrist who is a sub 4 minute miler. He has sorted both me and my husband out with orthotics. It took over 3 years for my knee to finally sort itself out and since then I have raced twice with no adverse affetcs. Don't expect it to disappear quickly if it's bad!!
  • You can get Devils Claw in tablet form at most Holland & Barrett stores, the tincture is liquid, is distributed by Bioforce and comes in a 50ml bottle. Should be available from good health food stores
  • Hi,

    My wife has been suffering from soreness and sharp pain on the right side of her left kneecap for a good few weeks now. This is the second time it's happened in 6 months.

    We run mainly on tarmac (roads / cycle paths) for 40 minutes usually up to three times a week.

    Since the injury she has been unable to run. She's been seeing a cranial osteopath who has suggested that this pain could be the result of running on hard surfaces, and says she should either run for shorter periods of time or ideally run on grass.

    Has anyone else experienced this sort of pain? Should she try shock absorber insoles / a knee strap / a support, and if so, which ones?

    Thanks for reading! Any advice would be much appreciated.


  • Eccentric calf raises
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