Timex SDM Query

Anyone help me with this one?
Recently got a timex sdm 100 lap model though not the newest generation.
If I set the pace alarm eg 7 minute miling for maximum pace and then 12 min miling for minimum pace, as soon as I scroll on to distance the pace alarm reverts to 7 min miling for both!
User error or do I have a problem?


  • Just tried the same as I never used it and got the same. Did you try to reverse the numbers, say 7 min/mile as min pace and 12 min/mile as max pace? Maybe the min and max is for the magnitute of the number?
  • Hi Lars, just tried "reversing the numbers" and it seems to stay put - so far so good. I need to put it into practice but unfortunately I've done my seven miler today but might try later with the dog walk!
    Fantastic bit of kit although the pace does jump around a bit. Basically wanted something to tell me if I was running too slow - I don't think I can set the alarm for average pace.
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