Ulcerative Colitis

Does anyone out there have experience of running with ulcerative colitis?

I am helping a friend to train. he has just started running and is currently working through a 10k training rpgram that I drew up for him.

He warned me about his condition, and has been doing fine, but then had a really bad day after a 2 mile run last week.

He is hoping to train up for a marathon later this year. He is going to speak to his consultant, but I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience of the condition.


  • A friend's husband has this condition and fitness training can be problematical sometimes -try nacc.org for information. Incidentally I'm running for them in the Wilmslow half marathon !
  • I have uc, although well controlled with asacol tablets. Been running a year and have never had a problem. In fact the uc is probably better as my fitness has improved. However you could check with NACC just to be sure.
  • My Mum has Crohns. She's running at the moment, although her stomach problems don't affect her normal ability to run. She can get tired when going through 'a bad patch' but is generally ok.

    She's had Crohns for about 15+ years & has been running on-off throughout.

    Again, I would suggest contacting the NACC - Mum has been a member of them for years.

    I got my name in their mag after raising money for them in FLM 2005. I found that, as a small charity who don't get places, they were really appreciative (much more personal than a large charity).
  • Try Neovite - it's a bovine colostrum, mix it with juice on an empty stomach - it's amazing. www.neovite.com

  • Ran the Berlin Marathon last year with UC.

    Hopefully I will never have it again as I had surgery  3 weeks ago.

    There is nothing I do not know about running and UC. I have gone through it all.

     Please e-mail me if you want to.

  • Help! I was diagnosed with UC last year and was being treated with asacol and azathioprine. The last month or so has been terrible, especially while running. I've had several appointments with my consultant and specialist nurse but am starting to feel like I'm running out of options. The idea of surgery is massively worrying. 

    Any positive thoughts would be really encouraging right now!

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