Year's total miles and targets

I would like to know what your targets for the year where and how many mile you have covered.
I will start
10k target sub 37 ( acheived 37.43)
1/2 marathon sub 1.23 (acheived 1.24.09)
marathon sub 3.00 (acheived 3.21.43)
Years mileage aim 2000 (will achieve 1904).

Sub 36 10k
sub 1.21 1/2 marathon
sub 3.00 marathon.

May all your dreams come true!!
Yours G.


  • oh

    mara-pb--5.16.09(YEAH, IM PROUD)
    Mileage for the year---------1624--but yearaint over

  • oh target

    sub 5 mara
  • Hippo,
    You should be proud, you are an instripration to me , you would run the legs of me in an ultra.
  • Mileage for 2004 was 646.

    Target for 2005 - to run my first half marathon. Probably means increasing my mileage a bit?

  • Target for 2004 - run a half-marathon

    Achieved in Feb at Wokingham (1:56). Did it again in Wycombe (1:52). I also reduced my 10k time from 52 to 46 and nearly ran 5k under 22 mins (22:03).

    Targets for 2005
    1st marathon - FLM
    Half under 1:45
    10k under 45
    5k under 21
    Meet at least one forumite at a race.

    I try not to count the miles. It scares me!
  • At the start of the year I planned on doing
    Ironman Lanzarote (sub 13hrs - achieved 12:38.18) and then retiring from all things physical.

    But once that was out of the way, I thought I'd have a go at a marathon, seeing as I had some endurance training under my belt. Entered Robin Hood and started training hard, the IM eventually caught up with me and I fell apart just before the marathon and had to pull out at 18 miles 'cause I was completely and properly knackered.

    Took me a while to get over that and then I set my sights on improving my 5k-10 mile times got pb's in all distances;
    5k - 18.41
    5 mile - 31.45 (this was before IM)
    10k - 38.28
    10 mile - 64.52

    2004 was my first year of fell racing and xc, so that's two other "things to do" crossed off the list.

    Total mileage 1027


    Still have to finish a marathon without walking (time not important)

    want to run all races upto 10 mile @ 6 min/mile pace;

    5k - 18.37 (do able)
    5 mile - 29.59 (possible)
    10k - 37.17 (maybe)
    10 mile - 59.59 (unlikely, but I'll try)

    total mileage - 2000+. If I want to reach my goals it will need to double from 2004.
  • Targets 2004 were

    17th County Champs XC;
    competed even tough I was ill :-(

    City Pier City half marathon sub 76min;
    real tough winds spoilt my chances but finished 4th in the open race so a good result, time 1:23 my slowest 1/2 of the year!
    I did run 78min later in the year at Leige on a very hot day, both performances worth around 76min on better days :-)

    Amsterdam marathon sub 2:40 or a PB;
    Was in shape for around 2:42 on race day but suffered a stitch but still PB'd with 2:47

    2005 will be;

    18th County Champs XC

    10K on 3rd May [not sure which one yet!]
    Kilnjenburg 15K beginning of June

    Amsterdam Marathon October sub 2:40;
    This is the one big target of the year :-)

    Oh & get my Sports Massage diploma

    Mileage for the year?

    I'll tell you tomorrow! ;-)
  • I'll have to come back tomorrow too with my mileage:o)

    Number of races this year:22

    Main targets for the year were to get sub 70 for 10 miles, sub 3:15 for the marathon to earn a Championship place at FLM and to be first vet in my club championships.

    Achieved targets with 68:02 for 10 miles and 3:14:47 for the marathon. Also, I've won club vet prize for club championships.

    Achievments not aimed for at the beginning of the year but came as training progressed.
    5k pb 20:02-next year sub 20!:o)
    10k pb 41:36
    5 mile pb 33:34
    1/2 marathon pb 1:32:09 on an extremely windy day and an undulating course.

    2005 targets
    FLM sub 3:14 from Championship start.
    5k sub 20
    1/2M 1:30
    Complete all 10 County League races as I've always missed one!
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    I started the year with 2 targets

    Sub 3.30 FLM (miserably failed, ill, unmotivated and really shouldn't have been there)

    Sub 2.30 Olympic Tri (2:28!) (Carp swim, carp run, but I can always make up for it on the bike leg)

    Completely failed to acheive any pbs, but then again I haven't set any since 1999 so I think it's time to move on to other things.

    Mileage for the year - 1493.5 (but 2 days left)
    Bike mileage for year - 1271.3 (April - September only)
    Swimming for year - 46,470m
    Snowboarding hours approx. 200

    This year's challenges

    Finish my MA!

    To compete in first BoarderX race in March
    To survive first snowboarding freestyle comp in March.
    Get sub 1:05 for 25 miles on the bike in a TT
    Get racing licence, do first proper bike road race
    To get a few placings in local fell races

    But most of all...

    ... to enjoy myself

    Hilly, you had such a fab year!
  • As an official 45+Vet
    Mileage for year: 1150 (prev yr 600)

    Targets for 2004 were:

    1. to increase mileage
    2. not get injured
    3. enjoy races more by being fitter
    4. 5K sub 25mins - achieved 20m20s
    5. 10K beat PB of 47m (set 1986)- achieved 43m30s
    6. 1/2M beat PB 1hr41m (set 1986)- achieved 1hr 44m despite GNR walkers and crowds.
    7. Beat my 42yr old mate at all these distances - did by minutes.

    2005 targets are:
    1. not get injured
    2. enjoy races
    3. sub 20mins 5K
    4. sub 40mins 10K
    5. sub 1hr40m 1/2M
    6. start training for a marathon in 2006
    7. continue to beat my mate

    Happy New Year running.

  • Counting up the mileage? Good idea - could take me a day or so:)

    Targets were...

    1. Sub 2:45 marathon. Did 2 of these (2:42.35 and 2:42.10) but I think there's more to come there.

    2. Win Barnsley AC Club Championship - done

    3. Win Barnsley AC Points League with maximum 300 points - done

    4. Run pbs at other distances - only done this for 1 mile (4:59.6) and 3000m (9:41)

    2005 Targets

    1. Sub 2:40 FLM

    2. 10k and HM pbs - either early doors (Brass Monkey HM 23rd Jan and Dewsbury 10k 6th Feb) or in the autumn (Selby HM and Leeds Abbey Dash 10k).

    3. Run more miles than this year (whatever that may be):)

    4. Barnsley AC Club Championship

    5. Get back to racing weight (seem to have gained 6lbs from somewhere):(
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Targets for 2004 - do a half (did 3) and a marathon (did 2).

    Mileage for year - I only started counting in June and for the last 6 months of the year - about 525, so I guess about 900-1000 for the year.

    Targets for 2005 -
    1. to do more than 1500 miles
    2. to improve my marathon time from 4.58
    3. to improve my half time from 2.12
    4. to improve my 10k time from 54 something

    That's enough I think!!
  • VoodsVoods ✭✭✭
    Haven't logged anything properly since GNR but my weekly average started off at about 12 miles/week and finished at GNR on about 30 miles.

    Since then, most of the time apart from the last month has seen about 24 miles/week.

    If I gave a rough guess, I'd imagine my total mileage to be up in the high 900's at least which is quite a scary thought in itself.

    And next year I've got a bleedin Marathon to train for. Arghhhhh! ;o)
  • good thread
    reading these targets and achievements is both humbling and encouraging

    my 2005 targets are very low by comparison but meaningful to me at least

    - to lose 3 stone (i have 6 to lose in all)
    - sub 40 5k (current pb 52)
  • 2004: getting into training! Only targets were to run & to compete in a variety of races. No idea of total mileage!

    2005 targets:
    5k in under 25 mins
    10k in under 52 mins
    half mara in under 1:59
    take part in XC next winter
    attempt a marathon & finish it
    not to let mileage drop below 20mpw even in December when I'm knackered (i.e. get out 5 days a week even if it's for a jog round the block).

    Happy New Year!

  • My aims for 2004 were:

    1. Give up football (too injury prone) - Only played twice but now "retired".

    2. Get good base training - have done a few hundred miles in 4 months.

    3. Stay injury free - at last!! Lots of slow runs with the odd quick one in there.

    My aims for 2005:

    1. Complete Marathon

    2. Set PB for 10 miles

    3. Keep running without injury

    4. Do 1000 miles and enjoy them!!
  • 2004 targets:

    get round Foulees de la Soie - done, finished 7 out of the 11 races, wished that had been 11 out of 11 races, but training had been difficult due to an exceptionally difficult year. Part of the achievement was simply having the neck to come last and be proud of it.

    PB: half, 2:08. All time best, even going back twenty years, pre paralysis.

    2005 ambitions:

    sub 4:30 mara
    sub 2:00 half

    but given the present circs, avoiding being on sticks might be a more reasonable goal.

    However, being reasonable never got me anywhere particular, so let's stick with my old (pre bl@@dy GP letter) goals.
  • Well, started 2004 with absolutely no intention of doing any exercise. Went to watch the flm and watching the sub 7 minute milers coming in made me thing "i could do that" inspired me to take up running once again. used to love running as a teen and used to effortlessly run 6-7 minute miles and thought i'd easily achieve that again .... not so :)

    As said, didn't have any targets initially but am please to have achieved:

    1. have lost 2 stone 7 pounds. only one stone to go till target weight.
    2. took up cycling and running.
    3. barely any mileage as didn't record the run walk distances and have been injured much of the year. still happy i've actually done something though.
    4. effortlessly got into 32 inch waist trousers i bought in the sales. was 38 inches!

    2005 targets are:
    1. recover from cycling injury.
    2. actually take part in a race i've entered! seem to have been permanently injured!
    3. sub 40mins 10K
    4. buy a road bike and pluck up enough courage to join the local cycling club - these cyclists are scary!
    5. start training for an IM in 2006 - will join local triathlon club for that as well.
    6. lose another stone to reach target weight of 11 stone.

    Have a good year. Guess flm gets some flack now and again for being a charity orientated fun run but if it inspired me to get exercising i'm sure it's inspired many others.
  • My 2004 goal was to do a 10k sub 50, did this in July. That was it!Had never run any further. But also managed 3 halfs and 2 full marathons, and I guess about 1200 training miles.

    2005 goals - to get fit enough to do Tough Guy, remain injury free, sub 48 10k (slowly does it!) and to enjoy it :-)
  • Target was sub 40m 10k (done, 39.58!), sub 1.34 half (done - 1.27.48), marathon (done, snowdonia, 3.47), at least two 100m bikes (done), and one olympic tri (done, 2.33). Hooray! 670m running.

    2005 is ironman Austria and UK (under 12 hours), and poss olympic tri under 2.25. And some other stuff.

    And as always resting properly and not getting avoidable injuries!
  • Targets for 2004 were just to get what looked then like decent 5M and 10K times and run okay in X-C.
    Managed a 10K time I was pleased with [34.36] and okay 5 miles time [27.55], cross-country best runs were Southern X-C Champs (155th) and 19th in Chiltern League div 1 race. On the whole probably better than expected.

    For 2005, I would like to go under 33.30 for 10K and under 16.30 for 5K. Losing the first 3 weeks' training in December wasn't the best of starts!

    Haven't got time to add up 2004 mileage, am pretty confident it would work out at about or just under 1500.

    Good luck to all of you on staying illness- and injury-free and hitting your targets for 2005.
  • Now I've read all the brilliant goals here, I think I need to add to my original entry.
    Goals for '05
    - stay injury-free
    - 34" trousers
    - find some other people to run with.
  • My targets for 2005

    - to run more half-marathons (6 localish) planned WHY? To improve my strength over the distance and get my time down closer to 1:25.

    - run a few more 10 milers, WHY? only ran 1 so far and that was nearly 3 years ago.

    - run sub 37:00 10K, already ran 37:10

    - to remain injury free

    - run around (40, 50 or 60 miles per week)

    - take part in at least 30 races

    Enjoy my running!

    That's my 2005 targets
  • first target for 2004 was to run again like I used to 20 years ago. Failed.

    second target was to run GNR under 1:38 as a large wager for charity. Succeeded.

    third target was to overcome long standing injuries and illness. Touching wood so far

    Total miles for 2004 = 1440 - I know what I will run tomorrow! 800 of them in last 5 months so getting better.

    Targets for 2005?
    sub 40min 10K
    sub 1:30 HM
    sub 3:15 M - so I can gain entry to 2006 FLM as GFA to celebrate(!) 60th birthday

    There - I've said them out loud now - will have to do them!!
  • after 2 years more or less ticking over on just being able to 'run' after glandular fever and othere health problems my main aim was to get back to some decent training and racing and get some track and speed sessions in.

    also wanted to do a triathlon (my swimming is terrible) and pass motorbike test. did both of these. my swimming is still terrible and i haven't been on a motorbike since passing the test..

    back to the main passion of running, plenty of track and speed sessions done though nowhere near pre marathon or pre glandular fever times but thoroughly enjoying it and really glad to be out there.

    thought i would break 1000 miles (about half pre g/f level) but unless i run 40 tomorrow i'm a little short of that.

    have stuck at about 43.30 in 10k's (pb is 38.34 but a good few years ago) and now feel strong enough to make a good inroad reducing that next year, health and injury permitting.

    so 2005 targets

    keep free of g/f and maintain 30 mpw

    sub 41 min 10k

    sub 20 min 5k

    possibly do a half marathon (pb is 1.26 but not sure i'm capable of that any more)

    sub 5.45 for 1500 on track

    and keep enjoying it and remember how lucky i am to be able to
  • Well, 2004 saw me return to racing with a vengeance, so I did 25 races (a good number for me).

    Acheievements for 2004:

    1. I bought an HRM and have used it to revolutionise my training (and making me enjoy running more)! I actually know what is and can run at a 'recovery' pace, or tempo pace on a session!

    2. I won a race (Barnsley Boundary, my leg of it), 5 miles of cross country and paths.

    3. I had a PB for 10k in Feb (by 40 secs), then slashed that PB by another 36secs in December (Percy Pud), so now down to 38:30.

    4. Slashed my half marathon PB to be sub90 mins, getting 88:56.

    5. After the injury-laden year of 2003 (curse the Nottingham marathon), in which I ran 726 miles, this year I more than doubled it. Currently on 1494 miles, I'm off to the gym soon, but may go beyond 1500 miles now!

    6. Decided to try new things in 2004, so now I'm a filippino wife to someone in Manchester and working as a pole dancer! No, sorry, seriously now, I tried more off-road stuff, entering XC relays (Mansfield) and the great XC Championships at Temple Newsam. Fantastic! I even tried fell running, participating in Cracken Edge in August. Amazing scenery and amazing running. This is definitely something I could do more of in the future!

    Right, targets for 2005:

    1. Continue with HRM training to maximise my potential.

    2. Get another 10k PB (38:30 to beat).

    3. Go for a 10mile PB (66:56 to beat).

    4. Get another half marathon PB (88:56 to beat).

    5. Actually do a 5k race (ask me about this sometime :-D) and get a PB (18:56 to beat).

    6. Do more XC and fell running/racing.

    7. To move house, and get a new job (any primary teacher vacancies needed around Barnsley or nearby?)!

    I think that's enough for now...........
  • 2004 aims:

    1. Sub-2:10 halfmarathon - managed 2:09 at Blackpool.
    2. Sub-5 marathon - did 4:50 at flm
    3. Get a 5k and 10 k pb - both achieved.

    But: I've been either ill or injured for the last 6 months, so mileage is now pants.

    So 2004 aims:

    1. Run injury-free, even if it means wearing these bl**dy orthotics and joining a pesky Pilates class for core stability.
    2. Stay well - even if it means eating better, drinking less alcohol, sleeping more and working less, to support my running.
    3. Sub 2:05 halfmarathon and 10k pb.
    4. Just maybe do a beginner triathlon (but I've been warned they are addictive....)

  • oops meant 2005 aims.
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