HM between two countries

This is an experience I reckon and the 5 year jubilee 2005.
I haven't run it before but have put in my entry for 2005.

Apart from getting up on to the bridge, it should be flat, i think. South of Sweden is VERY flat.

More info on

I have been on the bridge in a car and train and the views are stunning! Have a look at the pictures on the web site.
It's possible to get quite cheap flights at least with SAS. I fly from Manchester to Copenhagen for about £85.
The other closest airport is Sturup in Malmoe.


  • Oops, it fell down the list very quickly, so just giving it a boing

    Worth doing this I reckon, it's bound to be an experience
  • So...

    Had a look at the homepage and there are already a couple of British runners entered. (And me, entered as a British runner... Oh well)

    My holiday is now booked and I am looking forward to this A LOT...

    For you who consider this, have a look at the photos from last year on the webpage.

  • Hi, my first post here, so please be gentle...

    How was Broloppet last year then? I have just moved to Copenhagen and I have signed up for this event. I have never run a half, in fact, I have never run any event. Not too worried about that as I am an OK runner, just need some more training.

    Just wanted to know what were the highs and lows of this event and what I should expect?

  • ...oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I wish I could go RB...maybe in the future!

    ...although you won't be on holiday this year

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