I've been looking on ebay at kids' trampolines between 6ft and 12ft in diameter.

Does anyone have one and if so what do you do about storage when not in use?

Are they easy to dismantle or fold away, or do you leave them out most of the time?


  • HI BR, we have a 10 ft, TP trampoline.

    Once they are up, they are up and you do need clearance space arounfd them.

    We recently had ours semi sunk. A big hole was dug in the ground and the trampoline is now only 1 ft above ground level.

    They are great but do take up a lot of room and they also encourage all the other kids in the road to come and visit:-)))

    That said we have never regretted buying ours. We sent the kids out for a bounce the other too burn off some energy.
  • I think the main thing to look for is bouncebackability.

  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Good neighbours!

    The people next door to me have one, and it drives us mad.Every two seconds you see this little kid's head appear over the top of an already high fence, and then there is the nigh-on constant squeaking of the springs.

    Drives us crackers, honestly.
  • Don't know much about garden ones, they stay out all the time, you buy covers. If your kids are big or grownups will want a go then the bigger the better, I think you get what you pay for as far as 'springieness' goes. Round ones are possibly 'safer' for inexperienced bouncers as the springs tend to send you back to the middle.

    As a trampolinist they worry me as kids tend to be fearless, it is potentially a dangerous sport, especailly if more than one child is on at once, if you land almost at the same time you can shoot people very high. Start as you mean to go on with rules. Get some lessons.

    All that said I know several people who say they are the best thing they ever bought :o)
  • a family across from me look to have got one recently - it has tall poles all the way round - which looked dangerous - but i can now see safety netting attached which must stop them from falling off ?

    i fancy a mini trampette /pt bouncer to run on - anyone got one ?

  • We have a 15' jobbie , its brill, had forgotton how fearless kids are , Bune I had a mini/trampet but it was a bit hard to get the hang of running on it
  • weve got one in the gym at work but i cant really use it to train on properly - i like doing little bursts on it when we do classes -its great for leg strengthening tho -used for rehab with no impact by the physios
  • Apparently boucing gets the old endorphins going
  • lol

    yes i can see that may happen

  • Boing

    sorry - been dying to do it to this thread
  • LOL SS!!

    Thanks for the replies. I'm really in 2 minds - it's Mrs BR's idea but I'm worried about the safety and the fact it will take up too much space. Will investigate further.
  • BR - I got knocked out on a trampoline at school - and the gym teacher broke his neck on one (different accident - different school)- so I'd only get it if you can be certain that the kiddies will be 100% supervised everytime they use it
  • The only safty advise i could offer is never, never attempt to land on your knees.
  • BR a trampoline is very good to improve stability.

    Just try and stand one leg in it and then jump and land on the same leg and don't forget to bend the knee (don't try to jump to high in the begin). The physios over here use it a lot.
  • Im a trampoline coach and wont let my kids have one becuase of the safety issues. They simplay arent safe IMO.
    If you do decide to get one only let the kids on one at a time and get a safety net to prevent them falling off. Thats where the major risks lie when people buy garden ones, everyone piles on. it only takes someone to bounce at the wrong time to bounce someone off ( we call it Kipping)

    You can never make it safe but you can limit the risks. Also check your household insurance. If a neighbours child gets injured on your trampoline they could sue you... thats why coaches have to have hefty liability insuance and be fully trained/qualified. There are so many people ready to sue so be very careful
  • Mercury .. landing on your knees can cause damage to your spine, The shock is directed straight up your backa nd you dont have the shock absorption of your knees and your ankles to protect your vertabrae
  • the one we have at work is Pix - but its not a cheap (20 quid ) one - we did have a cheaper one and it got broken so i supsect that the Argos et al ones wont last long ..PT bouncers seem to be around 70 -100 quid
  • I have a gorgeous vision of BR forsaking his morning run and posting 45 minutes of bouncing, 3 metres or more. Please don't tell me its for the kids BR.

    The bedsprings are suffering perhaps? Yeah ours did, but once we got a futon the kids really had to work at it to get any bounce at all. Really good exercise for them. Futon a little spartan to sleep on after a while.

    Can I recommend sailing?

    They (the kids) come home exhausted, frozen, and usually have had some very genuinely white-knuckle rides. Ok, we came home frozen and exhausted having had some genuine white-knuckle rides too, and then had to make supper and clean up after it as well, but as a method for burning off youthful energy, second to none.

    Swim team wasn't bad either, but boring as heck to watch (your kid is competing for all of 30 seconds in a very long afternoon) and the chlorine gets to you.

    Can't recollect how old your little ones are, but we certainly had about eight years when ours spent an hour either jumping on the furniture or running from one end of the house to the other (a long thin house) every single evening. It was about then that swim team and sailing started.

    Good luck, and not just with choosing trampolines.
  • Most easy way would be for the kids to loose excess energy:

    get running

    Then they can compete at the junior runs, while BR does the senior run
  • I hadn't considered the training benefits of trampolining for myself. Now I can pretend to be won over by Mrs BR's arguments and earn some brownie points for being accomodating:))
  • Well! I am using Berg 7and 13ft trampolines for my kids and they are of perfect quality.
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