Running Log Software/CD-Rom

Happy New Year!!

Last year I used the Puma RunLog provided by RW and found it extremely useful in recording training info. I know I can keep a paper training diary but in the past I have tried and failed and I wondered if anyone knew of similar software I could purchase (preferably one which can be used year after year without losing the previous year's data).

Any suggestions?



  • If you have a polar heart rate monitor then thewy have a very good training log where you can record everything you need and everything is stored on the polar server. Not sure if you can access these facilities if you don't have a polar heart rate monitor though. You could always give it a go.

    Link to polar
  • Loads of people rave about David Hays spreadsheet for Excel 97, which you can download for free at - (don't know how to do proper links yet).
    I've had a bit of a play with it and it seems pretty good - far better than the free Pumalog (which I thought was rubbish).
    Alternatively just design your own spreadsheet, which can include exactly the information you want. Mine is much simpler than this one, and started very simply - date, course, time, pace & comment, but I have added to it over time.
    This year I'm going to spend a few months keeping both my own and David hays, and see which one I find most useful.
  • Or you could use the new Puma log that arrived with my mag yesterday. It says it's better than last years - I certainly hope so!
  • I print mine out once a month, so ahve the best of both worlds.
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