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Did anyone see Tomorrows World last night – it was all about advances in sports science – all verry interesting including a section with Tim Don (Top Triathlete kind of guy) on the ‘pose’ method of running – which is supposed to be more economical and allows you to go longer at a set rate?

Do any of you out there have thoughts on this?



  • I didn't see that, Will (I was out running at the time). Sounds interesting! Could you expand on what it was about?

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • I only saw part of it but it seemed to revolve around the shoulder, hips and feet being in a straight line has you feet hit the ground, and the whole line leaning forward so you 'fell' fowards. That way the runner was putting effort into lifting his legs up and then letting gravity drop them back down at the start of the gait cycle, and also not pushing down into the ground.

    That may not be right, and anyway it's bloody hard to describe it if you didn't see it!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I'm not sure I fully understood exactly how to repeat the style - it seemed to be based on keeping the body in a straight line but slightly tipped forward, so that gravity helped return the leg to its downward position, and the effort in running was to lift the leg, rather than the push as in "normal" running. The theory sounded ok, but I'd be wary about tinkering with my natural running style, in case of adding even more biomechanical quirks to my gait. I think the training that Tim Don did to perfect the style prior to doing the test run would be pretty crucial.

    I think there is more info on it on the BBC website, under science. I'm away to have a look.
  • Yeah, I just did: here it is. Not much there except a link to site which sems to only sell training material on the technique, though.
  • If I remember correctly – issue 145 (last months) of 220 has an article on this

    After watching TW last night I think I’ll go back and read it.

    See I new I kept the mags for a reason

  • I can see how it makes sense in a basic laws-of-physics sort of way, but leaning forward rather than trying to keep upright when running sounds deeply contrary to received wisdom!

    I'll pop into the BBC site later and have a look.

    Efficient running styles are high on my agenda at the moment because I'm trying to teach Kevin the Teenager to do a walk/run programme (she's doing a 2-mile fun run in 4 weeks). You'd think a fairly active, if slightly chunky, 11-year-old girl would know instinctively how to run, but she needs to be reminded not to bob up and down and flap her arms as if she was trying to get airborne.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Dan I looked at that page , all I can say is how the heck am I meant to remember all that ???
  • I dunno, I didn't write it!

    Seriously though, it's something you'd spend time practicing, perhaps on a track, where you could take the printed version with you.
  • I think you'd need a coach to oversee you were doing it right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Yeah watched TW , interesting results .
    Tried the 'pose' method when I went out on Friday and it did seem easier (though I probably looked like I was perpetually falling forward), but found it difficult for more than 5-10 strides at at time.

  • Programme to be repeated this week, can't remember exactly when, but late one night as part of a "highlights of week with sign language for the deaf" slot.
  • Sign Zone: Tomorrow's World
    Commonwealth Games Special

    Channel: BBC1
    Date: Thursday 22 August Time: 1:10am to 1:40am

  • You know I'm a bit skeptical. Triatheletes? Injury potential? Efficent? Maybe, but we dont want efficiency, we want to run faster. I was mulling over these thoughts doing the sunday morning run. Suddenly I had this image of Schultz winning the european 400m. Nuff said?
  • PM

    Just look at the speed the top guys run a 10k at the end of a triathlon

    Simon Whitfield ron sub 31 at manchester

    Nuff said?
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