Lyke Wake Race 42

Ok, so this is one of my madder ideas but i'd really like to do this at some stage. 2005 might be a bit early for me, but as this is the 50th anniversary and the last time it will be run by the original club then it might just sway me to do it on a run/walk basis! I have read a report from last year and it sounds hellish but fun in an obscure way. I won't be doing it unless i can find a couple of people of similar ability to run with though. Alone and lost on the moors does not appeal!
Anyone else considering it?


  • There were a couple of people from our club that did it last year and from their description it sounded a hard slog, due to the wet conditions, its on my list for this year.
  • Did it last year and thinking of trying again. It's a long hard slog though, ask Hippo.
  • noooooooooooooooooo
    Ill put you right ooff

    mind you, FE has read my report havent you
  • and they are STRICT about the cutoff

    so, yes do it with other peeps of your speed
  • Yep, it was Hippo's report i was referring to! I might just casually mention it to a few people...
  • remember, weeping half way down a ravine, prostate in the mud eh??????

    you sure about this?
  • Nope, not sure at all! Just thinking aloud really!
  • Hey I enjoyed it! Obviously it's a long way etc in boggy conditions so you have to ask yourself if you like that sort of running. But it's a great challenge and you have got plenty of time to prepare.
  • Cheers. I'm doing Lochaber Marathon in April so i shall see how my training for that goes before i do anything silly, like enter! I'm also doing a half in April that is mostly off road so that may put me off too :-)
  • Hippo where is your race report again? I vaguely remember reading it once I think but Id like to have another read as I quite fancy this race.
  • It's here:

    I've just finished reading it (hasn't put me off!) as there's a group of us planning to attempt this. Sounds mental but fun!
  • ouch - you can feel the pain of that report.

    I think I may well put in an entry.
  • Hi Hippo,

    You remember the pain but at least you survived. How about having another go. Surely conditions won't be as bad this year. I'll stand you another G&T at the end if you can drink it this time.


    Anyone need an application form drop me an e-mail at: -

    Any queries can be sent to same address or posted on this forum. I usually get round to answering them but it might take a few days.

    Nice to see some new names are interested, even after Hippo's report.
  • You know that sort of thing only encourages people!!
    Sorry I won't be able to do it this year, not for lack of wanting though, I enjoyed it last year, surely it won't be that wet again?
  • Have checked my term dates & this is one of the few ultras within reasonable travelling distance I can do :)
    Might have to learn about those funny squiggly things called 'maps' though.
    Shall try to have a walk over it at Easter to check it out a bit.
    Hope to see you all there.
  • aaaarrrrggggghhhh.
    just read hippo's report.
    but ducks like mud & mudrocs :)
  • It really was unusually wet, if you can keep in company ytou won't need the maps that much.
    They weren't that much help anyway.
  • Hmmmm. I was thinking of Beachy Head as my 'fun but mad challenge' for the year. But some friends are walking this, with a couple more marathon-running friends in pursuit a few hours later.

    So I may well join the 'hounds' - I'm going to check arrangements...
  • nooooooooooooooooooo

    feck off
    i wouldntmake the cutoff and its still too fresh in the memory
  • I will be on call
  • >>>Lurk<<<
  • I'll have a word and see if they'll change the on-call rota...

    (There's no way I'd be considering this if it wasn't for the fact I'd have company - and the sort of company that can read maps.)
  • I cannot read a map to save my life

    I will leave you with the dino
  • Hippo,
    you know you have to do it,

    dont let it beat you.....
  • Sorry Hipps I know you had a rather horrible time and can quite see why ...not ideal conditions

    But have to confess I enjoyed it and would love to be there again if I wasn't doing the 50-mile challenge on 17 July (and before peeps say why not do both, I'll be on holiday on the day of LW!).

    Map-reading really isn't a problem even for the directionally challenged like me and because it's a handicap race slower peeps can get directions from speedier types as they pass (and usually slow down for a chat)! I ended up run/walking with a selection of nice people at different times and quite a lot of local runners know the route and point you in the right direction.

    Bryan - I have not forgotten the bacon sandwich (with HP sauce) and would recommend people to do the even just for that.

    Great marshalling and snack stops (sorry Hipps I know what you think about the rice pud)
  • piss off

    ok, i forgot my compass
    But i can NOT do thatravine again

    I was SO scared
  • Wouldn't dream of trying to persuade you to do it again Hipps - (or was the piss off with reference to the rice pud?). Care to repeat the 50-mile challenge though?
  • Rice pud deffo piss off!!!!
    yes to the 50 miler-but not this year
  • I tried both didnt i
    and failed miserably
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