I have started having intermittent knee pain in both knees. I injured the left knee doing heavy weights a couple of years ago and it can be fairly erratic but now for some unknown reason the right knee has decided to twinge and strain.

Does anybody have any useful exercises/advice?



  • Go and see a physiotherapist... check out if you need orthotics. like you I got 'twinges' in my knees... particularly my right one. Only I ignored them and then got a stress fracture whilst doing a half marathon... 5 months later, much much poorer, and nearly half a stone heavier I am now running again.

    Really... go get it checked out before you do what I did.

  • Thanks!
  • No problem...

    And good luck with it all.
  • Have you had your shoes long?

    In the past I have had knee problems, but since getting the right shoes, no probs!!

    Then knees started to feel a bit achey again, I had done more than 400 miles in them, so I got new shoes..and knees fine again!!

    Its worth a try anyway!!
  • That's true.. hadn't thought of that.. that's happened to me too... spring in shoes is important.

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