Heart Rate Monitors

I'm training with a heart rate monitor which I find really useful, it may sound a daft question but are they allowed in the marathon itself or is it against the rules?
Any other tips regarding heart rate monitors would be useful.


  • yeah you are allowed to use a heart rate monitor in marathon
  • Not much you can't do really.

    You can use a mobile.
    You can wear a walkman and block out all the support.
    You can carry your own water (if the mile between stations is too much)
    You can wear a womble outfit.
    etc etc etc
  • Thanks for your help.
  • If anybdoies after a HRM then i got one in Halfords today for £19.99. It has all the usual and includes 6 training zones. Thought that a HRM for under £20 was pretty reasonable.
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