Training Plans.


My little questions are going to be really getting on peoples nerves by the time FLM is over!!

First question: I’m wondering which is the best training plan to follow.

In prep for the GNR I was going about 20 miles a week and running at about 8.30/9min mile pace. After September my mileage dropped from about 80 per month to 50ish for Oct, Nov & Dec. I don’t feel that I’m that unfit at the moment (kept going to the gym at least a couple of times a week) but I’m not the standard I was then (but a short run last night showed I’m not doing too bad!).

I’ve completed 4 half marathons over the last year in reasonable times, but have never ran any further than 13.1 miles! This concerns me a little.

As from this evening I will be back running with my club doing approx 8 miles every Wednesday and also running training sessions with them every Sunday up to FLM starting at 10 miles going up to 20 miles about 3 weeks before the day. In addition to this I plan to train on my own on Friday’s and perhaps Mondays as well, doing about 5 miles for each session. Will also fit in my circuit training on Tuesday and the gym on Thursdays (two things I don’t really want to give up).

So my weeks will look somewhat like this:

Sunday: long training run with running club (am)
Monday: easy 5/6 miles for rest (pm)
Tuesday: circuit (pm)
Wednesday: club run 8 miles approx 8/9min mile pace (pm)
Thursday: gym session (pm)
Friday: easy 5/6 miles (am or pm)
Saturday: rest

Someone at work has also suggested that I run with them at lunchtime occasionally. Not sure if this will be too much to fit it.

I’ve also got a couple of races plan including a 10m in Jan, a 10k and 10m in Feb and a half in March.

Thanks to anyone who’s been bothered to read through my long spiel. I’d appreciate any intelligent (!) input on how my plan looks.

Most people I’ve told that I’m doing FLM have said ‘we’ll see’ or ‘it’s not that I don’t think you can do it, but…..’ I don’t like quitting or being beaten so I want to make sure that I’m able to do this.

Thanks loads,

Ps – am generally very healthy and keep injury free, only prob is I drink too much!


  • ummm, my typing needs some improvement too!
  • That looks like a reasonable training plan. I would avoid extra, lunchtime runs at the moment but maybe try them a little later in the schedule, to increase your weekly mileage.

    Make sure you keep your rest days free. Don't be tempted to nip out for a quick run, however good you're feeling.

  • Ta Mister W.

    Would probably struggle to bother with the lunchtime runs anyway - takes too long to dry my hair!!
  • Any other words of wisdom peeps?
  • I'm in a similar position in that I'm training for FLM and have done 4 half marathons but never further. I'm using a modified version of the plan in the Acceptance /Rejection mag. The mods are that I'm running 5 days a week throughout (Monday & Friday rest) and I might ease off the distance on one or two of the longer runs on Sundays (>15 miles) & maybe enter a couple of extra half marathons instead.

    Hal Higdon's plan for novices looks good as well, which is where I got the ideas for the changes. At the moment I'm finding training "comfortable" but don't want to push too hard yet.
  • Hi Mitten
    I've just come back from a marathon training weekend, run by the chap who's written the training plans in this month's RW. The things we talked about and practised over the weekend were a revelation so I have thrown my previous plan in the bin. I am now working to a modified version of the improvers plan from RW. I've modified it slightly to fit in with my preferred rest days and a couple of races I'm planning to do in Feb.
  • Morning!

    Had my first 'running club' training run yesterday morning. First time I've ran 10miles in ages, was hard work but I made it round in an ok-ish time and legs feel fine today. The curry on Saturday night not have helped!!

    Have added another half marathon into my training plan for Feb. So three races that month but nothing too heavy - 1/2, 10k and 10m.

    Must remember to have rest days. Last one was last Thursday and I don't get another until Thursday this week. But that does include a gym session, circuits and a couple of gentle 'recovery' runs with the other half.

    Keep up the good work. I'd love to go on one of these training weeks but I don't have the holiday spare.

  • Hey Mitts, me again!

    As a veteran of, ahem, ONE FLM, I can sympathise with you. Last year I came into the training on the back of 2 halfs, best time 1:44. I wanted <4 hours, secretly aiming for 3:40. I managed 3:59 and was fairly happy with that. I followed the runner's world intermediate running plan, but had a few criticisms!

    I felt that there was a fair amount of 'pulp mileage' mid-week and no rest. I 'tweaked' it a little to fit my lifestyle and ended up with 35-45 miles a week. On the day, I ran a safe-4 rather than risk it all for 3:45. As it turned out, it was a conservative strategy and I could have run faster (they all say that!).

    This year, I have a best half of 1:39 and a bit more confidence at the higher mileages. I'm doing the Bury 20 (as you know) and will do 3 other 20+ runs. At the moment I am confident of holding <8min/mile based on a schedule of 40-50 miles a week.

    I guess the best advice is to arrange your plan to your lifestyle and listen to your body. You'll know if it's too much. If you can get your Sunday runs up to 20 without needing 3 days off work afterwards, you'll have confidence for April 17th. Based on my HUGE (er, 2 years) experience, confidence is worth 20 minutes off your time!

    Good Luck Mitts

  • Afternoon Graham,

    I've just posted over on the Bury thread. Have a quick squiz on that for an overview of my training yesterday!!

    I've got no major worries about London, fitness should be fine to get me round I just want to make sure I can do it without feeling like I've died. I've seen soooo many people in real pain [days] after a marathon.

    Just going to try and get in some really long runs so I know I can make the distance.

    Getting up quite a good support team. My family are really into this sort of thing and a number of them should come and watch me run.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I agree Mitts; you'll be fine.

    After all, if you have prepared, you'll have done several long runs; the real one is only a bit further!

    I enjoy the long runs due to all the nonsense that floats around in my head. I never seem to notice the passing of time. I used to curse 'the voices', now I see them as company...

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