Shoes for low arches

Since I started running it has become apparent that my arches have got quite
a bit lower than they were when I started, so much so that I've had to stop wearing Asics shoes because the arches in the shoes are too high and
constantly give me blisters. I'm currently in a Brookes Adrenalin shoe,
which is a big improvement but still not perfect, and anything more than 8
miles or so is still giving me blisters - not good when training forthe marathon!
So can anyone suggest a motion control shoe that would be suitable for someone with low arches?


  • Although I don't need motion control shoes, I have experienced the same problems as yourself in relation to the high arches in Asics shoes. I have ran in Mizuno shoes for a few years now and I love them. They do a motion control shoe called the Wave Legend. Go and try a pair on if you can and see what you think.
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