Running breakthroughs

Have any of you suddenly seen the 'training light'? What breakthrough has made a big improvement to your running? E-mail me with your training/racing/nutrition breakthroughs.



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  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Min was participating in my first race. I took part in Race for Life in June, and haven't looked back since. Although I trained for Race for Life, my training was a little erratic and tended to be fitted in around the rest of my life.

    The biggest change for me since taking part in the race has been motivation: my motivation has been incredibly high since then. I have also made training more of a priority in my life, so that I try to plan social events round my running rather than the other way round. Of course, this doesn't always work, and I've also started getting complaints from my partner that we seem to be fitting a lot of things around my running. I've had to drop one session a week (down from 5 to 4) as a compromise.

    My training has also become more structured as a result of finding out a lot more about how to train, and I now do specific sessions (long run, recovery run, speed session and a tempo run per week). This has also increased my motivation as I've seen myself getting fitter and (hopefully!) faster.
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