the purchase of shoes

I used to run but gave up, and as my new years resolution I want to get back into I need new shoes as mine have fallen to bits, and I know people have recommended places in london before, but the search facility is so rubbish I can't find anything about it?!

Anyway, I would be very grateful if someone could recommend somewhere for me.

Thanks in advance.


  • runners need, strype street, nr liverpool street station is good.

    run and become near victoria is apparently good, but i've never been i've just heard others rave about it.

    there is a sweatshop at covent garden which has a footscan machine, but frankly the staff there all seem a bit gormless and i wouldn't trust them to analyse my gait.
  • Hi Victoria,

    Run and Become are excellent. They are in Victoria, close to the Army & Navy. Tel number is 020 7222 1314. I have always found them very helpful and really do know what they are doing. I would try and avoid lunchtimes as it's always really busy.
  • the london marathon store in covent garden spent quiet a lot of time with me and they also have a footscan as well
  • Also London City Runner on Ludgate Broadway, EC4.

    Runner's Need in Strype St, mentioned above, video you on a treadmill trying the different shoes, which I found more useful than a footscan. Their website is Horses for courses and all that

    Btw, if you were thinking of joining a running club, do that first, as most shops will give you a 10% discount. Eg Serpentine RC fees are £20 pa or £10 if you're a student. If you then get 10% off a pair of £80 shoes and a £20 running top, you're already halfway to breaking even and then you get lower entry fees to races... Alternatively, think of it as spending a total of £200 on running kit for a year (all too easy, alas) and getting club membership thrown in for free.
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