Sunday Training Partner - MK

Hi All

I've just got my piece of paper through the post that says I've been officially accepted for Next year's FLM on GFA and telling me what my running number will be. Whoo Hoo!!

So, I'm looking for a training partner in Milton Keynes for all, or part of, my long Sunday runs which I'll be gradually increasing to around three hours. At the moment I'm working up from an hour and a half and so set of between six and half past but, because I have family commitments on Sundays, when it comes to the 3 hours I'm going to have to set off at about 5am if I'm to fit it all in.

Any other mad people out there?

I have three goals for this year's FLM on the basis that I should manage the first - "beat last year's time" which would suffice. But I know I'm capable of the second if I train hard - "finish in an average of seven minute miling"; and the absolute height of wonderfulness would be to achieve the third - "sub 3hrs".

BTW - I saw another runner out at about 6:20am on Sunday, acknowledged him, carried on running for a bit and then thought that I could have asked him if he was after a training partner. Decided against it as I didn't know whether I'd be breaking any runners' etiquette and!! Were you he?



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