Too fat to run now



  • Hi Hippo hope resentation went well and you are going to have a well earned sleep tonight. Well done mava on your hard session. Roz hope your run goes well tonight.

    It is my birthday today (21 again and again and again ...... ) Went out for lunch but was very good. Even asked for a baked potatoe instead of the chips and had no pudding. Now that is willpower for me. Off to my Tai 'Bo class tonight so no running but plenty hard work otherwise.

    I know it makes sense to leave the watch behind but I am frightened that I will then plod too slow and have too long walks. My GPS has broken down and needs to be sent away for repair and I miss that. I WANT TO RUN FASTER .....
  • Speeeeeedy
    happy Birthday-id have had chips!!!!!!!!!!
    Ill have a swift gin for you tonight

    Presentation-it went---I was expecting sabotage anyway
    Its over now
  • Have my gin for me then Hippo. Can't have any as too early a start tomorow and too late a finish with an even earlier start on Saturday but I will have mine on Saturday night. With the slim line tonic of course.

    Don't be down on yourself Hippo - I bet it went fine.

    Off to my class now so catch you later.
  • slurp
    ta speedy
    I always have slimline tonic-how hypocritical of me
    enjoy your class
  • ((((Speedy))))

    <tuneless singing> Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Speedy...Happy birthday to yoooooooooou!

    <mava raises glass of wine> Cheers!

    Hi Hippo. I'd have had chips too.
  • btw, if I don't have some chocolate NOW I think I'll kill.......

    whoops, sorry folks. chocolate moment. Just as well I don't have any in the house (sob)
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    Happy Birthday Speedy :0))
  • [pops head in before Nytol takes effect]

    Happy Burpday Speedy!

    by the way. After advice from lots of lovely peeps whom I trust, I've taken a week off running. Not coz I don't like running anymore, but I was just generally...oomphless this week. Not running oomph, just everything oomph.

    Did 35 miles last week, and none this week. But coz I'd given myself permission, I don't feel bad. I'm sure there's a lesson there. Too tired to work out what it is, but it's there.

    Stick with it, sweetie.

  • Hi all!

    Happy Birthday for yesterday Speedy! Well done for resisting the chips... I'd have trouble too!

    Glad the presentation left you intact Hippo! Would miss you on this thread!

    Resist the choccie Mava, otherwise you'll send me on the slippy slide into doom and gloom (well, not really but prob would raid other half's stash and then get really told off!)

    Jj, you probably are brewing a cold or something. Don't give up exercise completly this week, just do something gentle or less energetic, just to keep the joints moving! How about trying yoga for beginners or swimming. I even tried step and believe me, it is gentle if you are a complete Bambi like I am!! lol!

    Oh yes, I did manage a 5 mile run with Guy but legs feel shot to pieces!! So sore! And I've run in to work this morning (just under 4 miles) and I'm just as bad! I'm taking the long way home after work so it will be about 7-9 miles at a steady plod!!
  • evening all.

    Roz, forgive me. I succumbed this afternoon. A packet of white maltesers. I think it must be the hormones....actually I'm hoping it is since I'm on day 46 of my cycle. Don't worry, it would have to be the immaculate conception :-)

    Thank god it's friday. Billy no-mates here is having yet another friday night in front of the box but at least I don't have to get up early tomorrow.

    planning a 12 mile run minimum tomorrow. How long till I see some benefit from all these damn threshold sessions? Can anyone hazard a guess?
  • Evening all, just a quick pop in and out again. Thank you all for the birthday wishes for yesterday. Just got home from work at 9.30 pm and up again at 6am for another day. Should be home by 5.30 pm tomorrow though. Can't therefore make my slimming club since I will be at work. Will go to the one on Tuesday instead. Day off on Sunday so should manage a good plod then. Class last night was good. It certainly is a good workout albeit different from running.

    mava - I like white maltesers too. Have resisted temptation today again. Oh dear this being virtous is not like me.

    Ah well off to bed now in prepartion for another day. Catch you all tomorrow.
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    long day for you Speedy!

    Sleep well xx
  • speedy

    you are definitley being more consistent
    this is GREAT
  • Evening everyone. Just a quick post tonight. Got home from work at 6pm and really could not face a run. Decided to get up at a reasonable time and do as long a plod as a can manage. Feeling rather low tonight. Am fed up getting up to a sink full of dirty dishes and coming home to another one. Hubby has been on a late this week not leaving home for work till about 4pm and getting in at 1am but he has not washed up a single dish. He was off today and I still came home to his days dishes in the sink. Still waiting for a birthday present from him. Sorry to moan. Just feeling sorry for myself. Have opened a bottle of wine while I am cooking dinner while he is upstairs on his computer.

    Of now so will post tomorrow after my plod. PS weight not budging this week either by the looks of things and tonight I feel in a munchies mood.

    Catch you all tomorrow.
  • Speedy

    Time you had a rant at him isnt it

    Big hugs to you-tomorrow is another day
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Speedy I agree - I do lots of ranting - it doesn't usually change anything, but I feel better for it (at least for a while!) Enjoy your run tomorrow. You WILL lose weight so stick with it.
  • ((((Speedy)))) Agree with Hippo and Debbo - time for a rant.

    Have a good run.
  • Evening everyone. Sorry about this but due to being ill today I did not get a run in. Went out for a walk this afternoon to see if I could feel better and get rid of the headache. Feel a bit better now but feel I have let myself down by not doing the planned long plod. Should be home from work by 4pm tomorrow so hopefully can fit it in then. How did everyone else get on today? Hope you all had good runs.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Speedy - don't beat yourself up about it, just try and get one in tomorrow. At least you went for a walk. I did 12 miles today, but then I was feeling ok. If I'd had a headache I would have wimped out too!
  • Well done debbo. That is great. I couldn't do 12 miles right now. Hubby is trying to talk me into doing the Haweswater half marathon on 6 March. Not sure about it as i think it is hilly and only a 500 limit so I would plod in well behind everyone else as I would be about 3hours +. Will see how I get on this week.
  • SDpeedy
    training doesnt always go to plan

    you get out there tomorrow
    still dont fancy reading?
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Speedy - what about the Alloa half? It's on the 20th March and will probably have about 1000 runners (921 last year according to the events bit on here). That gives you 2 weeks more preparation. I think I'll be doing it.
  • Hi Hippo - can't afford to come down to Reading this year unfortunately or I would do it.

    debbo - Don't fancy Alloa. Hate the hill at Menstrie Brae and the hillfoots are horrible if bad weather. I believe this is the last one isn't it. I haven't done it for quite a few years. In fact last time I did it I ran with my daugher as her first half before the London Marathon that year. We finished in 2.06 I think. Madam ran the whole way with me then sprinted when the school came into view down the little hill and left me. She was encouraged by her father to do this I might add.

    Will think about it. I just hate being last nowadays. At one time it didn't bother me but I have a complex now because I am so fat that people laugh at me trailing in so far behind others.

    Will def try and get run in tomorrow.

    Well off to bed now as up again at 6am. Oh no not the start of another week!!!!
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Speedy - hmm - is the hill bad? I've never done Alloa. I've also never done a half in 2.06. You might be feeling negative about your abilities at the moment because you've not been running and have put on weight, but you know the potential is there to do good times! Keep at it and get that run in tonight!!
  • Hi Speedy! You'll have to go on strike! At home I mean! No point moaning and then continuing to clean up after him! I was married to a chap who did buggerall in the house.... his dirty clothes ended up at the bottom of his wardrobe, didn't make any meals and never ironed for him! Housework went to minimum bearable level and refused to buy any shopping (he was out of work!) needless to say, we soon split up after that! He had the cheek to say he didn't know why he married me (guess he was after a skivvy chance!) With all this time saved, you'll have plenty of time for yourself! lol! Keep at it, a walk is better than nothing and I certainly couldn't run with a headache (prob due to stress!).

    I managed an 11 mile run home (just steady away) and on Saturday cycled 21 miles with other half running (he's marathon training). Sunday I just about managed a 5 mile run at such a slow pace I probably could have walked faster! lol! Guess my legs / body are telling me to rest! So gentle gym day today (and having nails done too!)

    Awww Mava, you set me off with the choccies! Although I raided other half's stash, it was a funsize crunchie on Sat and one on Sunday.... don't tell him!

    Even so, have managed to lose 3 pounds this week! I'm soooo pleased! This is the danger period though, I get complacent and slide back!
  • Hi all. Speedy, don't run if you don't feel well - you won't do yourself any good! Shame you can't do Reading as I'm doing it and would love to have had the chance to meet you.

    I had a horrible day yesterday. Went to a RW training day. We did some threshold and I was totally crap. Last, slowest, felt awful and came home and cried. Everyone was faster than me, even the 'mature' gents. Hated running in the mud and my bad ankle got screwed cos the surface was so uneven - big swelling when I got home. The point of the day was to motivate and I came home motivated to quit. So I had a few stiff drinks and a hot bath, and crawled under the duvet. Have taken today off sick as tonsils (as well as ankle) are swollen.

    Sorry Roz, didn't mean to send you on a choc frenzy! I had some Go Ahead chocolate crisp thingys in the cupboard yesterday and scoffed the lot. I know they're meant to be lower fat but I dont' think I'm meant to eat 4 at once! Well done with the weight loss.
  • (((mava))) There is only one thing worse than having an off day running-wise and that is when you really want to do well! The good thing is that you have already done some threshold training on your own and so you DO have the motivation (esp at 5 am!!). Rest that ankle - remember RICE and sip icy cold water for your tonsils. Wrap up well, stick the central heating on and watch tv (or sleep!) Give yourself a few days off and then see how you feel before deciding to run.

  • Cheers Roz. Will go back to work tomorrow as I've got shed loads to do and I've got other time off over the next 10 days or so. But I'm sitting here not even dressed yet (the decadence!) with the telly on and a nice cup of decaf by my side.

    I'm off on one of those trailplus weekends on Friday and I'm dreading feeling the same but for a whole weekend rather than just an afternoon! All the runs are going to be on trails rather than the even surfaces I'm used to. Lots of ankle strapping I think.

  • Roz - well done on your running and cycling at the weekend. That was brill. These were the kind of things I used to do so keep up the good work and you will soon be tearing around the races. Yep hubby doesn't do anything. Can't even put a teabag in the sink. Have tried ranting at him and it doesn't work. Have been on strike for a few weeks now and the place is starting to look like a bomb has hit it. We have been together 22 years so I guess it is all my fault because I let him off and now its too late to change him but this week I am going to have a good try and put up a rota.

    mava - big hugs. Sorry you didn't enjoy your day. You deserved to have a few drinks and a few choccies. Put it behind you and look forward to your weekend. Trail running is ok. I went out tonight (other half hauled me up the woods to run then left me to do my own thing) I enjoyed the softness of the trails, just had to watch the tree roots. Too many hills for me though and these killed me but when I got back onto the road to head back to the car my legs felt like lead after the springiness of the soft ground. Only ran for 30 mins but it was a different workout. So you look forward to it. Just be careful of your sore ankle.

    Debbo - hill probably isn't too bad its just it comes at 10 miles when you are tired. If it is a bad day weather wise you are worn out going along the hillfoots as you are so exposed. I have done it a few times and always had to walk up it. I am sure you will be fine doing it.
  • Good for getting out speedy
    i spent my first leave day at work for 5 hours
    ho hum
    I hate off road came last in a humiliating 10 mile off roader yesterday
    ANDi fell over
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