Too fat to run now



  • Spending leave at work. Hippo!!!!
    Well done for entering and finishing. Think positive you did more than I did. You are really getting into the races. I admire you. Hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell.
  • no more than scrapes and bruises speedy, and i fell in a load of mud too-it was ankle deep
    next ones an ultra-on concrete thank god
  • Well done getting out there Speedy. I feel for you with hubby too. You shouldn't think that just because you've been married 22 years that he can't change. You're making changes to your life, why the hell can't he????

    Have to do a threshold session tomorrow although judging by yesterday's pathetic effort, my treadmill sessions aren't doing the job at all. Should go out and do them but don't much fancy the local common in the dark (the local working girls ply their trade around there) which is the only alternative to the roads. The roads are no good as it's kind of hard to do 20 mins uninterrupted running on London streets.

    Have sat on my butt today and done nothing but read. Heaven.
  • Well done Hippo. You're a braver woman than I am. Hope that's work finished now and you can enjoy your leave.
  • Hello.

    You feeling a bit better today, Hippo?
  • Hippo when is the Ultra? You have just done one!!!!

    Mava - I hate running in the dark but have no option most nights. Today I was home early thats why I managed out in the light. Would not have gone to the woods in the dark so don't blame you for avoiding the common. I thought that running in a tiny village was hard but don't envy you the streets of London. Good for you for getting out there.
  • yes thankyou Gar
    Hi mava
    er, i might have another trip to work to deal with the build up ofpaperwork
    two weeks is too long to be away
  • How is your ankle?
  • its fine
    Ive got some knee brusing, and me left knee is whinging again-tight hammies i think
  • Folks

    I am standing at cooker making dinner and was thinking that I am actually enjoying getting back out even though I am slow and plodding and you know why - Its because of everyone on here. I look forward to coming on and posting to you all and hearing how you are and how you are getting on and because I know I am going to post and tell you what I have done it is keeping me motivated in this hard time of trying to start from scratch. THANKS THANKS THANKS to everyone. I feel happy tonight even though run wasn't great. Must go for a min or will have burnt dinner.
  • Oops it stuck to the pot. Must go and try to rescue it and concentrate on what I am doing. Will come back on later. Bye for now.
  • Hippo, I guess you know best but you sound like you need 'you' time.

    Speedy, don't mind the dark as long as I'm on main roads. Not sure how brave I'd be in the country.

    Gar, my ankle is better thanks. Not so swollen. A bit sore but sitting around being a lazy slob all day has helped. My pride however....
  • whoops, thought Gar's question was to me...
  • yes, but if I'd known you had hurt your ankle, mava, I would have hoped it was better :)

    Glad to hear it's not so swollen. Resting swollen ankle does not = sitting around being a lazy slob!!!
  • Mavas got a proper injury unlike me who is just whinging

    i have 2 weeks off-so will have m time this week as hubbys half term doesnt start till next week

    Glad you are enjoying the running speedy-keep posting
    i too have to see to food

  • Thanks Gar! Not hurt as such but aggrevated an injury which hasn't healed properly (because I will insist on running on it).

    Speedy, I'm honoured to feel I'm just a little bit a part of your positive attitude. And to be enjoying getting out and running again is great. You're well on that road now so just keep going. And, hey, it sounds like he deserves burned dinner!
  • Yeah, I always wear an ankle strap since I turned my ankle last summer. It's never been the same since. But if I waited for it to heal completely I'd never do any plodding and then I'd be even fatter than too fat to run.
  • HIPPO! you're not wingeing. mine current winge is a stupid sprained ankle because I didn't look where I was going down some stairs back in October. stupid stupid stupid. I shouldn't be allowed out without a minder.
  • Gar - what do you use as strapping?
  • A black stretchy band that I seem to remember had a red elastoplast sticker on it before I washed it. You wind it around your heel and ankle and so can get it as tight as is desired and it stays on with a bit of velcro. It's much better than those all in one bands that I tried. I got it in Boots. For about 12 quid maybe.
  • cheers. I'll have to try it. It's not too bulky in your shoe?
  • Not too bulky. I only notice it when I'm tying my laces - it's obvious that my foot is thicker with it on then. But no probs with actually plodding with it on. And I'm sure it has helped.
  • Okey dokey. Boots it is tomorrow. thanks.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Mava - sorry you had a cr@p day at the RW thing. It's hard isn't it, when you want to be motivated and end up feeling rubbish. Hopefully the trailplus weekend will be a boost to your confidence.

    Commiserations to all the sore ankle brigade - mine's actually a bit sore too (I've had a sore foot for a few weeks but the pain just migrates round from side of foot, to top, to ankle so I don't think it's serious)

    Speedy - I'm really glad this thread is helping you feel motivated. Well done for getting out there this evening in the dark!!
  • Hi all! Well, I had a rest day yesterday too Mava and don't feel like a lazy slob. In fact, rest is just as important as exercise. It's a shame it was enforced because of your ankle but I hope it is on the mend. I've heard that 'wobble boards' are good for strengthening ankles and helping balance (therefore less likely to trip up.....hey! might try it myself when I go in the gym next!) Hee hee! I love your comment about Speedy's hubby has to change...made me chuckle!

    Hippo, you must try to keep away from work when you are on leave otherwise you will end up feeling stressed and your leave will have done you no good whatsoever! I know work piles up but just imagine if you couldn't do it for MONTHS - someone would do it wouldn't they???? Sooooo, even if it takes some catching when you get back, the powers that be have to either a) get someone to cover while you are on leave or b) realise that it will take time to catch up. I know, conciensious (?sp) person that you are doesn't want to let people down! Ooops, sorry, getting on my soapbox (*gets down and hides.....*) Well done for these ultras, I don't think I could do it!

    Hi Speedy! I'm glad you feel we help but it isn't one-sided. All your comments and advice has helped me stay motivated (and off the choccies to a large extent!) Did hubby get burnt dinner then?? I chuckled at Mava's comment on that is all he deserves!! hee hee! Ooo we are soooo wicked aren't we!
  • Roz
    But im never sick

    Its ok
    I might clear some more paperwork next week-the thought of 2 weeks worth would just be such a horrible start back--
    and , no there wont be covr for paperwork
    if im lucky my colleague wil seee my patients
    he has an E mailed handover form me to cover my botty!

    the next ultra (35) is on Sunday 20th
  • Morning all. I do sympathise Hippo. I deal with work emails during my leave if I'm not actually away and have been known to go in for meetings.

    Back on the treadmill for me this am. Another damn threshold session (getting very boring).

    And so back at my desk with everyone's project being the priority one and only so man hours in the day....

  • Hi Roz - yes I liked her comments. I managed to save the dinner. Just as well because I didn't fancy it burnt.

    Glad I am helping others as well.

    I have had a really muddly day at work. Lots of meetings and 1 member of staff with a problem that is ongoing and taking some sympathy to deal with so a bit stressful. Then to crown it all I go to my slimming class tonight (had to change from Sat one as was working this week). I really thought I had tried very hard and had done well and I only lost 1 measly lb. Have come home in a right temper and have just managed to stop myself from busrting into tears I feel so fed up. Tried to explain and tell the other half how I felt but he is on his computer playing his stupid game and just ignored me. Really going to struggle not to eat this evening. Glad I have no biscuits in the house. Mind you there is a VERY large tin of Quality Street upstairs. It was my Xmas present for my neice and nephew who I have not seen since before Xmas and therefor have not given it yet. Please stop me from breaking into it. Its either that or tears tonight. Didn't get my run in today because of going to the club. Can I scream please.

    Sorry I am ranting on a bit. Suppose I better go make the dinner 'cos it won't make itself.
  • ((((((Speedy))))))

    don't do it! You'll hate yourself after (at least I know I would).

    1lb loss is good. You lost something. You've had a tough week and it was your birthday. Take things slowly. Cry if it will make you feel better. But then read back to your post from yesterday and remember how you felt motivated.

  • Speedy
    a pound is a pound
    thats great

    dont eat the sweeties

    Scream if you must
    Cry if you must

    and --grrrrr-------i could slap your huby
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