Too fat to run now



  • Evening all. Spent all day setting up daughters computer and getting her on the internet. Then went to Asda's. Is it Xmas again? The shop was heaving with people. It was a nightmare. Going to go out tomorrow for a long plod or a long cycle. Today the weather has been awful with wind and rain. Off now to make the tea. Got a dvd to watch tonight and a bottle of wine to consume. Will catch you all tomorrow once I have done my plod and let you know how I got on. Will use the GPS to tellme how far I went.

    Well done mava62. You did well. Keep up the good work.

    Bye for now
  • Your evening sounds just like mine Speedy. Grub, wine, dvd (Dusk to Dawn I think)
  • Hoose
    ha ha
    certainly carrying half my body weight i dont need;)
    Right Speedy Im at the travel inn too-so we will have a good natter on saturday night

    13 marathons----wow!
  • Evening folks. Back from my plod now. I did 5.5 miles in 77mins. Was most frustrated as my GPS stopped after 2.43 miles. I had put in new batteries but the packed in. Serves me right for buying cheap batteries from the market. Could not run far at a time so it consisted of walk a few hundres metres plod a few hundred. Tried to look ahead of me and say right I will jog to that tree/fence post/puddle and if I can make it past it its a bonus, then walked a bit and looked ahead and said right I will start to jog again when I get to that tree etc. It worked. Felt as if I was diciplining myself that way. Also I did a point to point from my house to my parents and hubby came and picked me up. That way I got my plod in and visited my folks.

    Did everyone else have a good day?

    Just made a pot of homemade soup so going to enjoy that now.
  • nice one Speedy G

    I'm a bit moogly cos of family stuff and a recent death tbh

    I listened to my husband telling his father about what had gone on so far this year ... and decided I was allowed a moogly day

    onwards and upwards tomorrow though

    (funeral Tues)
  • We are all alowed a moggly day flr. Sorry to hear about your recent bereavement. Funerals are never nice. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow.
  • thanks babe

    I'm ok, not anyone I see day to day so I am not majorly bereft

    but she died very horribly which is hard to take on board

    I kind of believe in funerals - I think they help with leave taking and I like to go if I can to show the family how loved someone was
  • you see

    not too bereft to nick the hundredth post ;-)
  • Oops I missed that one didn't I. Hope you are ok on Tuesday.
  • Evening all. Horrible night up here. Its snowing. Glad this is my rest night after yesterdays longer plod. Tomorrow is my late start so I can get out about 8.30 am before heading to work at 10.30am.
  • Keep going our speedy
  • Evening Hippo. Hope your training is going well.
  • er
    Im too tired to run today
    so that isnt too good

    and dreading sundays ultra i am SO not ready
  • What ultra is that. You are really into your running now. Did not realise you were doing both FLM and Lochaber. Well done you.
  • I havent done it yet, and the last time i tried 2 maras in 2 weeks, i wimped out and did the half
    thats why im doing lochaber, cos its not two loops
    the ultra is a new one-a short one of 30 miles
    loops round a power station
  • That is great. Good luck to you. I am sure you will do it. Lochaber is an out and back course so once you get to 13 miles you have to turn and come back again so you could only wimpout by turning round and heading back early but I am really sure you will not be doing that.

    Off now to make a pot of healthy soup to heat me up in this cold weather. Catch you later.
  • bye speedy

    to be honest, im really struggling with my running at the moment
  • Evening all. Well done yesterday Speedy.

    You'll do it Hippo.

    sorry for your loss flr. Hope tomorrow goes OK.

    I did an easy yesterday which felt easy so I did the same easy but the other way round today and it wasn't easy at all. How come on a circular route one way round is easier than the other way round even though you end up at the same point?!

    Supposed to do cross training tomorrow but I hate it so might 'cheat' and do easy on the treadie instead. No rest till Friday.

  • Just about to go but chin up Hippo. Maybe you are overdoing it. Think positive. You are doing great. I will be thinking about you.

    Well done mava62 for getting out there. It is true that one way can be easy and the other hard. Used to have a route when fitter that was dead easy one way but really hard the other. Seems strange doesn't it.

    If weather is really bad in the morning then it will be on the cross trainer for me. Only reason not out tonight is I am out early tomorrow and that is too much for me at the moment.

    Right must go and get these veggies chopped for the soup. Will come back later.

    Big Hugs Hippo
  • Hey Speedy, all OK?
  • Hi mava62. I am fine how's you. Worked a late shift on Tuesday so didn't manage out but managed to fit in a hard 35 mins on the cross trainer last night. Going off to Tai 'bo class in a min. Sticking with diet at the moment although the odd biccie creeps in every now and then. Hope to be able to get a long plod in at the weekend as I have 3 weekends on the trot coming up at work.
  • Howdy. Yes, things are pretty cool. On a rest day today, and much needed it was too. did some weights yesterday and those quads do burn a bit!

    Scheduled for a threshold session tomorrow so it's sweating in the gym. The big question is whether I can drag myself out of bed on saturday morning after a night out with a friend (which is bound to involve alcohol), and before going to visit my mum for the day. Since I'll have to be on a train to get to mum's at 9.30am I have my doubts! But aiming for a 10 miler on sunday.

    Doing ok on the grub front but I'm on a course for 3 days next week so it's bound to go pear shaped (or biscuit shaped).

    What's Tai'bo?
  • Tai 'Bo is a kinda kick boxing thing. My arms really ache today. I try to do more upper body work and not kick too hard. We didn't work too hard last night. Instructer is 17 weeks pregnant so she doesn't demonstrate quite so much now.

    Did 30 mins plod tonight. Knee was aching. Think my knee support needs replacing. Its probably been in the washing machine too much.

    Off for first weigh in at slimming club tomorrow so hopefully have lost some weight.

    Aiming for a decent length plod on Sunday. Not sure how far but will see. Discovered tonight that the cheap batteries in the GPS have leaked. Hope they have not done any damage. Trying to sort it out for Sunday.

    I hope you enjoy your night out tonight. No fun without the alchol so enjoy it.

    Hope the run works out ok on Sunday. Enjoy the biscuits.
  • Good lass Speedy
    More than i did
  • Hi Hippo - when is your first big race?
  • Sunday

    oh poo
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    Hi speedy and Hippo

  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    oooh what'cha doing on Sunnyday Hipps?
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