Too fat to run now



  • Hi Sam. How are you? Hippo is that the Ultra?
  • 30 flaming miles
    icant believe it
  • Speedy-yes
    the first of the year
    theres another next month

    One day i will dothe frigging trainig
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    Grand thanks Speedy

    30 miles Hippo......<thud>
  • WOW. I am impressed. Good for you Hippo and good luck but knowing you will do it.
  • oh yeah
    i know i can walk it
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    <lobs Hippo a tube of pringles (for energy purposes only obviously)>
  • You better not be putting yourself down now. I know you can do this and run the majority of it. Come on lady. PMA. Positive Mental Attitute. You know you have it. I will be routing for you. I want to here how great you did on Sunday night.
  • Speedy
    my longest run since stevenage mara onnov 7th has been 10.2 miles

    Work is hell

    Im drained
    Ive got a massive ward round tomorrow

    and then i suppose Id better give myself a stiff talking to
    But i know a lot of the peeps running, and while it will be nice to see em as they lap me several times----Im worried about keeping peeps waiting at the end
  • Hippo - you have mail.

    Don't worry about keeping folks waiting. Do your best. I will be thinking of you all day Sunday. Shame you have a heavy round tomorrow. You could be doing with a rest day. Wish I was there and I would be waiting for you. But I bet you won't be last.
  • I will be inthis one Speedy
    But its ok-its an ultra
    Must go to bed soon, hoping to plod pre ward round
  • Yep I am off to bed now as well. Good luck on Sunday if I don't catch you tomorrow. Off to be weighed tomorrow and then a longish plod on Sunday.

    Take care.

  • night speedy
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    night Speedy

    Have a good weekend :0))

    Like your new pic Hipps :0))
  • Morning all. was meant to go out this morning but the alcohol last night put a stop to that idea. It just involved gettin up too damn early. shame as it's a lovely day here

    Good luck tomorrow Hippo. Full respect for doing it. 30 miles. wow.

    Hope you had good news at the weigh-in Speedy.
  • Hi mava62. Sorry to hear that the alcohol put paid to your run today. Did you manage out today? It put paid to mine today well and truly. Never really recovered from too much wine so today's run turned into a walk late in the afternoon. Only thing was the other half said he knew a lovely walk - turned out it was up through the woods up a huge hill. Walked for 2 hours though.

    Slimming club scales say I am 6 lbs heavier than mine at home and the ones at work. Funnily enough 2 folks who go to the same club but a different class say the same. I had still lost 6lbs though. Do think now that these slimming clubs make you look heavier than you are to keep you going longer.
  • probably

    the numbers don't MATTER after all - the directioo of the progress and how you feel do

    no plodding in Leafy Tedd cos of the lurgeeeeee
  • As long as they go in a downward direction that is fine by me.

    Sorry to hear you have the lurgeeeee. Hope you are better soon
  • Well done Speedy.

    Yes, managed to get out yesterday - did a fab 12 miles in bright sunshine, and in 2 hours 5 which I was very pleased with. A 2 hour walk aint to be sniffed at - I don't deal with long walks well!

    Got up at 5am today for a morning run and managed just under 4 miles. First time I've run in the snow though.
  • p.s. How did your ultra go Hippo?
  • fine, apart from the marshalls trying to pull me off the course
    mara pb-5.14.14
    20 miles without walking
    Finish time 6.04.48
  • Well done. I know I couldn't do 30 miles or even 20 miles without walking. Why did marshalls try to pull you off?
  • having originally assured me of no cutoff they then decided on a 6 hour cutoff--but tried to pull me off at 5 hours 20-with less than 3 miles to go
    Guess they wanted to go home
  • mean people. You obviously persuaded them otherwise!
  • i ranted
    i finished
    nuff said
    wont be doing THAT one again
  • Hip, hip hipporay! Class act Hippo, be proud!
  • Oops - cross posting. I'm cheering for your fab performance of course - not the ranting - lol!
  • Brill Hippo. You tell them. Marshalls tried to do that to me in Benidorm as there was a 5hr time limit that I didn't know about. Finished in 5hr 15 but they nearly didn't give me my medal.

    Well done mava62. I couldn't do that at the moment.

    Went out tonight and managed 40 mins. Getting better. Struggled with sore knee for a bit. Knee support made it worst had to take it off. Runs were longer than the walks tonight.
  • Go for it Speedy.
  • Going to try push for a little more this week. See how it goes. Got to get the weight down though as I know this is why running is so hard but I will keep going.
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