Too fat to run now



  • Hi Speedy! I've read every message on this thread and not only have you had some wonderful support but I witnessed something amazing! You have gone from being very down and negative to a much more positive attitude. Not only that, but you have given encouragement too.

    Due to numerous injuries, I've gone from 'improving' back to 'beginner' more times than I've had hot dinners! AND it doesn't get any easier either but I agree with what a couple of forumites have said 'the hardest step is the one out of your front door'.

    A trick I have devised is when I get home from work, I immediately get changed into my running gear. That way, I'm getting into the mindset of getting outside no matter what!

    As for your knee problem, do you know exactly what is wrong with it?
  • Hi Roz, thanks very much for your kind words. I am feeling much more positive but it is still hard to get out the door. Got changed tonight and hesitated at the front door but pushed myself out. Did my 3 miles with less walks tonight and longer runs. What I can't understand is how it is then the same time as last week when I had more walks and shorter runs!!!

    Everyone has been so nice to me on here. It is keeping me going posting on here especially now I have more use of the computer.

    No idea what is wrong with my knee. Didn't wear the support tonight and it was not too bad. The pain is right over the top acorss the front. Asked the doctor last time I was there about it but he didn't know. It is fine walking but hurts the minute I run especially down hill. Its been like this for nearly 2 years now. I put it down to wear and tear due to all the years I did a lot of running and then the extra weight it has to carry now.

    Sorry to hear that you have been injury plagued. It is no fun feeling that you have gone back to square one. Hope things are better for you.
  • Thats fab speedy
    you keep going lovely
  • Hiya Hippo

    Have the legs recoverd from Sunday? I am trying hard. Just needed the encouragement you all give me. I am glad that I am staying Sunday night now at Lochaber so we can have a chat and partee.

  • Hi all.

    Speedy, re your knee, have you tried doing some strengthening for your quads? I had big knee problems, couldn't even walk short distances without a great deal of pain. Orthopod referred me for physio, physio said knee was unstable so had me doing lots of strength work plus referred me to a podiatrist to sort out changes to my gait after the achilles problems. That and losing weight helped and touch wood, all seems fine now.

    You'll lose the weight Speedy, best to do it slowly and sensibly as it's more likely to stay off.

    Roz, good on you to keep coming back. I do wonder if I'd have the strength to do it again! I'm motivated right now as giving up smoking has given me some real improvements in my cardio levels and my endurance.

  • I was fine yesterday speedy, but after 4.8 this am, i am in pain and unbelievably knackered
  • oooh, just seen youll be there on Sunday-BRILL
    Mava-nice pic
  • Hippo Hope you are having a nice rest today. I think you did brill doing 30 miles on Sunday.

    Mava62 haven't tried leg strenghener exercises yet. Doctor just told me the tablets he gives me for tension headaches will help so to take them as prescribed not just when I have a headache. They are Diclofex.

    I know that if I can loose all the weight (5st of it) this will help the knee but it will be slow work.
  • rest?

    no, back training and work was mad

    Agree quads strenghtening exericses would be a good idea speedy-especially if the support helps
  • Hippo, I have diclofenac for knee/tendon/sprained ankle (sounds like something very similar). cure all NSAI. Find it works well if I take it before bed. Can upset the tum a bit though if taken too often.

    Thanks Hippo for comment about pic. taken on my birthday last year in turkey - am holding up my hire bike, pleased as hell I'd never have to ride it again!

    Be nice to yourself! You need rest after your ultra...
  • What quad exercises do I need to do. Never been big on the exercises so no idea what to do.

    Training - you are joking. How - after 30 miles !!!!!
  • Diclofenac is good stuff even if it munches holes in your gut
  • speedy, i did 4.8 this morning
    Im base training
    and I had a naughty day off yesterday as it was

    Races cant get in the way of it
    i cant argue, cos since i startedbasing ive set pb after pb

    off to eat again soon-i cant believe these munchies
  • Wow hippo.

    Oh dear the Diclofex affects the stomach. Suffer enough heartburn as it is. Ah well better look up the excercises. Off to make the tea and then watch Celeb Fit Club. Catch you later.
  • I know Hippo, doc tells me every time I ask for it. try not to overuse but does calm things down.

    Speedy, squats are one of the things. Physio had me leaning against a swiss ball against a wall and gradually rolling the ball down the wall, bringing knees over 2nd toes till knees at 90 degrees. then rolling slowly back up. It's getting at the vmo on the inner side above the knee. burns like hell.

    Also bridging - feet/lower legs on the ball and shoulders on the floor, gradually lifting buttocks off the floor and holding for count of 15. helps the bum and abs too to improve general stability.

    but the right exercise would prob depend on where your main weakness is.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Hi Speedy - I've just read through this thread. It's great to see you sounding so positive now! I am sure you will manage to lose the weight and keep running now you've got yourself out the door. Anyway, you'll have much more fun at Lochaber running - otherwise you'll have to hang around with all the Mr's doing support duties!!

    Keep it up! We could always do a run together next time I'm up your way. Bryan the Snail's mum lives there - (I'm sure you were talking to him at Loch Ness about Fife.)
  • Hi Debbo, I have a long long way to go and still feel I can't do this but chatting here is making it easier. I need to loose nearly 6 stone. Its just I am 5 stone heavier than when I ran my best times and that is a long way to go back. I still have this feeling that I should be able to do what I used to and get angry when I can't.

    Lochaber will be more of a walk than a run but I will complete it just not sure how slow I will be.

    Yep live in North East Fife let me know when you are in this neck of the woods.
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    how's it going Speedy?
  • speedy
    dont keep going back t what was
    set achievabl goals
    a stone weight loss would help enormously-so focus on that first and focus on finishing the marathon
  • Hi Sam, Its going not bad. Feeling better and trying to get out the door most nights now. Still have big regrets about putting on all the weight and turning into a couch potato. But have been out 3 nights in a row now.

    How's things with you?
  • Hi Speedy! I agree what others say about quad strengthening exercises. Leg extensions with light weights (or none at all to start with) are good. Don't forget to do your hamstrings too as these are opposing muscles to the quads and you need to keep them balanced and equally as strong as your quads.

    Mava62, I'm used to injuries (I have leg length discrepancy and overpronate mainly on left foot)popping up occasionally but I just substitute a run with a gym session and avoid the sore area for a while. Thank goodness for elliptical trainers and steppers etc!!! I'm still trying to get 50 mins for a 10K but I don't think I'm built for speed. I'm less of a greyhound and more of a labrador!!!
  • Roz, know what you mean about not a greyhound, but I'd say I'm more of a Great Dane! Too tall really for long distance (and also distinctly wonky) but struggle on anyway! I keep telling myself it's not about speed (with a 10k PB of 62 minutes that's just as well) but about enjoying myself.

    Speedy, just keep focusing on what you're achieving now, not what you used to achieve. You're fitter & lighter now than you were a month ago and will be fitter and lighter in another month. And you can't say you're a couch potato now!

    Keep going.
  • Hi folks, having my rest night tonight but might go on the cross trainer for 30 mins. Trying hard to stick to the healthy eating plan. It works ok during the day its when I get home it falls to bits. Must try harder.

    Unfortunately I am working all this weekend which puts paid to a long plod and my day off is Friday but the whole day is taken up as I am playing is a 10 Pin Bowling tournament, so what with travel time, practice time and playing time the day is gone.
  • 'ello me dear. I had an unscheduled rest day today - meant to be weights but didn't much fancy it. guess I'll have to do it on Friday instead. Threshold session tomorrow - moving up to 15 mins at 80-85% effort twice with only 3 mins recovery in between. Hate it.

    I find I pick at rubbish less in the evenings when I'm sitting here at the computer but if I do have to pick I make it dried fruit, nuts, apples, grapes. I DO NOT buy chocolate, or crisps! My weakness is alcohol. I've made a half hearted committment to not drink until at least after the Reading Half, but not sure I'll manage not to drink at the Trailplus weekend if everyone else is.

    Friday sounds like a laugh, and it certainly ain't being a couch potato!

    I'm really going to have to be motivated for my long plod this weekend as my training partner is racing so I'll have to get my rear out the door without the push of having someone waiting for me.
  • Hi mava

    Friday should be good although tends to be a bit serious. As it is for work we are getting time to practice tomorrow. So I will be bowling for 3 hours tomorrow and I play with a 14lb ball then approx 4 hours for practice and the game on Friday. Muscles in one arm I think by the end of the match.

    Off to see the doctor about this blood clotting abnormality tomorrow. Not worried about it but may end up back on warfarin again.

    Hubby has just handed me a Bailleys - now I don't think that is on the diet but guess what I have drunk half of it before I realised.

    Really need to get the long plod in. Day off again next Wednesday so should manage it then.

    How far are you planning on going on Sunday?
  • Would like to do 12 miles or more since I did 12 last Sunday but should do at least 2 hours. I'll be slower without the training partner as she kind of drags me around so slower and boring on my own! Want to keep increasing the mileage. Am absolutely determined to run the whole of London (didn't last time). Plus I've got this half in March and I figure if I've done 13 at least 3 or 4 times before it I'll be OK.

    Got nothing better to do all weekend than housework (urggghh) and shopping (urggghhh) so might as well run.

    Good luck with the doc. Hope it's good news.

    Would love a baileys but I must be strong (hypnotic voice, trying to convince myself). Never could see the point of just one drink <g>

  • Ah well he came back with the bottle and I refused a top up. Now how good is that.

    Would love to do 12 miles. I used to do that every week and did up to 18b when training for a marathon. Wish I could do that again. Good for you. Never managed to run a full marathon. Would get to 20 and then had to walk. Must have worked though because my best time was 4.33.

    Good for you for doing the long runs.

    Off to make the dinner now. And watch some telly. 30 mins on the trainer out the window but I have been really good.

    Catch you later.
  • Well done for resisting the Baileys Speedy! Naughty hubby, coming back with the bottle! Too many calories in Baileys and prob high in cholesterol with the cream!

    I also had an unscheduled rest day yesterday. I meant to go to the gym but got caught up shopping, housework etc. I think I must have subconsciously done it as my legs had been sore all day! Got to go out for a run tonight after a friend has been round for me to sign some papers. Guess it will be late so I'll get into running kit before she arrives, to get me in the right mindset. I'll aim for a minimum of 5 miles and see how I feel after that (Hoping to do 10 pressure!!! lol!)

    Mava, I'm tall too and am a clumsy devil at times. I've fallen a few times and one time I tripped over my dog while out running and went flying!!!
  • Smiley, I always think that resisting/refusing something high calorie should actually burn more calories than if you didn't think about having it. Hope that makes sense!

    Roz, don't talk to me about falling over! knocked out one of my front teeth last august tripping on my way back from sainsburys (costing me 2 grand for an implant). I am renowned both at work and in family for being clumsy. My name should be 'whoops' Have ended up in A&E depts regularly over the past three and a half years - falling off bike, tripping, sprained ankle, ruptured tendon...... Sometimes I wonder why I bother getting out of bed.

    Did my threshold session this morning. I am cream-crackered. Rest scheduled tomorrow but since I rested yesterday... Am going to work at home tomorrow so may get out for a quick couple of miles.
  • Oops the run and the Tai 'Bo went out the window tonight. Played 3 hours of 10 Pin Bowling practice for tomorrows match, then had a doctors appointment then came home and build a kitchen unit which took me longer than expected (not very good with a screw driver). Time just disappeared. However a run is planned tomorrow morning before heading off for the match.
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