Too fat to run now



  • Hi Speedy, My run went out of the window last night too. Not entirely my fault, my mate who was supposed to be coming round failed to turn up so that wasted time. Plus I thought I'd use the time to load up my car (other half moving into a flat in Milton Keynes today) and hurt my back carrying a telly downstairs (one of those combi ones - didn't realise it was so heavy!)

    Back's ok this morning but I doubt whether I'll get a run in today - busy, busy! I'll have to make up for it at the weekend!

    Have a lovely day and hope the weather is kind for you at the weekend (lots of loverley running!)

    Hi to Mava and the rest of the forumites...I hope you are all keeping fit, well and happy. Need progress report on Monday though! lol!
  • Morning all. Did my threshold yesterday morning and it was hard. Do feel good after the effort though. The sessions are getting a bit long to do in the morning (well, if I want to do my hair after!) even with getting up at 5am. Know I'd talk myself out of it if I left it till the evening tho'..

    succumbed to a couple of glasses of red wine last night since I knew I didn't have to get up early this morning (do love working at home). will have to try to get out for a run this morning though.

    Careful with the furtniture lugging Roz.

    Speedy, you having a new kitchen then? had one of those last year and it's wonderful...

    Have a nice day.
  • Hi everyone, managed to fit in a run this morning. Did 1hr walk/plod think I did about 4.5 miles. Not a lot I know. It is a beautiful morning but my run was awful. Just when I felt I was getting better I go and have a bad 'un. It makes me feel why am I doing this. I know I won't improve that quickly but it is so annoying. Even when I was running well I had bad days but at this early stage in trying to come back I can do without them as it does take any confidence away.

    Hi Roz - yes its easy to get carried away doing other mundane things and not fit in a run. Sorry you hurt your back. Be careful. Leave the heavy things to the other half.

    Hi mava how are you today? No unfortunately I'm not getting a new kitchen I wish I was. I hate mine it is so tiny. No I bought one of those units on wheels - I think they call them butchers trolleys. The have a tiled top, drawers, baskets, shelfs and the all important wine rack. It came flat packed and therefore had to be built and I couldn't wait until the other half decided to do it so just built it myself.

    Ah well must go and shower now and have something to eat then off to my bowling match. Oh dear I hope we do well. 3 games to play and there are 24 teams in the match. The average for the top woman last year wasn't that high so I am hoping to play well and maybe make the final. Will let you know later how it went.

    Have a nice day everyone.
  • Good luck Speedy with the bowling.

    Don't let the bad run get you down. You did a good distance. I regularly have them, usually hormone or alcohol related!

    I always have to build things myself, not having an other half. built all my shelves, my chest of drawers and a cupboard thingy in the bathroom. Have to pay people to do anything more complicated!

    I've had a new kitchen, new bathroom and new bedroom/living room furniture (live in studio flat) in the last 18 months. Big change was a big factor in helping get me out of my depression. I hated my surroundings so much it was getting me down big time. The kitchen & bathroom are the first time I've had rooms done absolutely to my spec and I love them. My next door neighbour is a builder/decorator and he did them for me. Did a beautiful job (he knew that anything be bodged and I'd be round like a shot!) I'm definitely poorer but definitely happier!

    go give 'em hell Speedy!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Hi Speedy!

    Just remember, even a bad run is still a run, and it'll still help train your body to do what you want it to do in the long run, which is run better. Doesn't matter that it felt bad today, it has done you just as much good as it would have if it felt good.

    Good luck with the bowling.
  • evening all. Well said Nessie. but it's hard to remember that as you stand gasping at the front door!

    did 5 miles at lunchtime. one of those weird runs when the HR was lower than normal but it felt harder. a bit of twinge in the achilles too which was a worry.

  • Oh dear thought the day couldn't get worst. Bad bowling day as well. None of the team played well. One guy played his last game not bad but it wasn't good enough to do any good. Played very average not nearly good enough. We left before the prize giving as no need to stay.

    Well done mava for getting that 5 miles in.

    Hi Nessie, it was better than not going out at all. How is your training going.

    Well going to go and get some food now. I was very very good at the bowling alley. I had 2 diet cokes and NOTHING to eat. Starving now so catch you all later
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    I got stuck in a jam outside your wee town tonight cos of a bad accident. Thought of you and hope you are ok.

  • Thank you Sam. I am fine. Didn't know there had been an accident. What time was that. I was home by 6pm and didn't go out again. Which side of the town was it? Hope you disn't have a long wait.
  • Morning.

    Ho hum, saturday morning. Ate too much rubbish last night (late night munchie attack), and drank too much wine. Wanted to rest today because of achilles twinge yesterday but feel I ought to get out there and burn some calories! Perhaps a boring cross-training stint at the gym. Or try a truly slow run. PLus I must do some housework as the flat is a tip.

    What's everyone else up to today?
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    It was a couple of miles short of the town on the Melville Lodge roundabout side Speedy. We were stuck from about 6-6.40 then the police told us it would be best to go back and go another way so we went to Newburgh then Gateside to get back on track.

    It looked quite bad. Don't know what happened but there were 2 ambulances and there was a horse badly hurt I think.

    Hope it wasn't as bad as it looked (((((((peeps and horses)))))
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    Hi Mava

    Friday night is munchie nite for me too!! I had (amongst other stuff) a Galaxy Caramel Egg - YUM!!!!!!

    Hope your achilles is ok. I snapped mine a few years back while on holiday in Amsterdam and spent the rest of my holiday on crutches!! Take care of yours!!

    I'm planning a long run today 'cos I have my first half mara in 5 weeks. Just waiting for my brekkie to settle.
  • Yum. A galaxy caramel egg.
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    It was yummy Gar

    but far too wee

    I could've eaten 10
  • Sam, I too have ruptured my achilles hence the worry at the twinge. I had the surgical repair so 8 weeks in plaster. Had to have another surgery on it a year later to remove scar tissue.

    Yum yum, chocolate. I daren't allow myself any at the moment as I don't think I'd be able to stop at one!

    Just done a very slow 5 and a half miles. Forced myself to try to keep HR low. Went OK. Long run tomorrow but solo as training partner racing. It will be boring!

    I've got my first half in 5 weeks - Reading. Which is yours Sam?
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    Reading too mava - snap!!

  • Hopefully I'll have my "Runners' World Forum Tsunami Team" t-shirt by then so look out for it! Do the forumites usually meet up somewhere at these races? I know masses of people are doing Reading.
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    Yes, everyone will be meeting up somewhere

    don't know how many - but loads!!

    Are you aiming for a time?

    I'm hoping to do sub 2.
  • In my dreams! In theory I should be able to do around 2.15 but I'm not counting on it. It would be nice though as it would give me a boost for FLM.
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    I've never done a mara (never done a half yet either!!) - will FLM be your first?
  • No, did London in 2001 - very slowly because I didn't train in a consistent or coherent way. Was meant to do Reading that year but it got cancelled becuase of foot & mouth. Then, July after London is when I had my achilles rupture. I'm just getting back to running now after a long slow slog like Speedy is struggling through (you can do it too Speedy!).
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    Hopefully I'll meet you at Reading!
  • Hope so. Strangely I actually quite looking forward to it. Bad day though - my neice's second birthday plus it seems to be Mothers' Day. Sorry folks, sorry mum, I'm busy that day!
  • Evening all, no running today. Went to slimming club this morning. Lost 1.5lbs this week. Then on to a friend who had just moved up from Blackpool. The men had already emptied the van but as they had just had 2 journeys back and forward from Blackpool without a break were exhausted so we women had to rip up old carpets, clean kitchen and bathroom, move boxes, build beds and look after a 7 year old, 2 year old and 7 week old baby. Hard work. Working tomorrow unfortunately so run is off again. Will manage to do some work on the trainer when I get home though. I hate Sunday working. Leave home at 7am and not back till 5.30pm. What a way to spend a Sunday. Ah well good thing is I can't drink tonight.
  • 'ello! Well done for the weight loss, that's excellent. Hope you're pleased.

    Sounds like today could count as cross training!

    Shame about tomorrow. Hope it means you get either double pay or extra time off! I should do some work tomorrow as I didn't quite get everything done on Friday. But I will get out for a long slow plod. Question is, whether I procrastinate over the housework I didn't do today or the work I didn't do on Friday.... now, which would I prefer to do??? Makes me think about rocks and hard places. :-)

  • Evening speedy, welcome back from work! Hope you're feeling OK.
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    Well done Speedy!!

    <hands Speedy a cloth to polish her well-earned halo>
  • Good stuff speedy

    i am still plodding on
  • Hi Hippo, good to see you.
  • hi mava
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