Too fat to run now



  • Still couldn't get up that early to run. My legs would not allow it. I do need to change and get right out the door when I get home as to sit down would be a disaster. Would never go out if I did that which is what has happened lately. Good for you if you manage it.

  • mavamava ✭✭✭
    horses for courses as they say! If I'm not training I still get up early to get to work early. I hate commuting with a passion and can't cope with the trains at peak times. Get very stressed. Would prefer to start late and finish late but that's not an option.
  • mavamava ✭✭✭
    Hippo, if you feel low, you feel low. People in more than one thread understand that.
  • Hippo, we all understand. We are here for you.

    Off to bed now peeps. Want to read some of my book for the shut eye. Reading Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code - just like everyone else seems to be at the moment.

    Night everyone. Hugs to Hippo.
  • yes but im fecking like it nearly all the time

    keep on running peeps
  • mavamava ✭✭✭
    Night all.

    Thoughts are with you Hippo. Been there.
  • (((Hippo))). Have you tried taking Vitamin B complex tablets or Oil of Evening Primrose tabs? I can be a right bag of shite at certain times of the month and other half has noticed that I'm more upbeat and happy these days since taking these (been taking them about 5 weeks now). If they helped me, it may help you - worth a try.

    Well, my mate came round last night and I nearly didn't go to the gym as it was late but I dragged my carcass round. I must say, I had a really good workout, the gym was much quieter and I feel tons better today. I've not had any chocolate and am trying to eat healthier (although I did have a cream bun cos it was someone's birthday yesterday AND a bag of crisps!! lol!)

    Well done Mava for the 5 am start, I'm still in land of nod at that time! However, I'm gearing myself to run to work on Thursday so need plenty of shuteye in readiness!
  • Good for you Roz
    Ive done my bit this am too
    er--i dont think vit b is the answer for me, mine aint hormonal
  • Hippo, I'm not a great advocate for antidepressants but they do have their place. A good alternative is St John's Wort but go to your doctor and have a chat about how you are feeling. I'm not trying to pry but if it is due to personal circumstances, maybe a chat to a counsellor will help. It can be much better to spill your guts out to someone who doesn't know you than a friend or colleague!
  • Roz
    I have got my list of local counsellors-still not done anything
    I guess while im stil functioning------

    this thread isnt about that
    Sorry to bring it up

    off to work
  • Stop it Hips, we all all friends here! All ready to help with pearls of wisdom and quick-fire wit to pull you by the short and curlies from the flames of hell fire!

    Moan as much as you like or you can even email me if you like.
  • short and curlies?

  • Erm.... long and curlies??? Phew!
  • mavamava ✭✭✭
    Hippo, I can only second what Roz says. But I promise to leave your curlies (short or long) alone!
  • Hippo, you have pulled me through many times that I have poured my troubles out to you. Only hope I can do the same for you. Thinking of you lots. Looking forward to seeing you at Lochaber.

    No run tonight as been out for a meal at the Italian tonight. Couldn't drink 'cos I was driving but the food was ace. Will take me a week to run of the calories I have just consumed. Ah well it is one step forward and two back with me. Looked in the mirror today after getting dressed nicely for work since going out directly from there and all I saw was this fat blob staring back. It took years to put on and it is going to take even longer to get it off.

    Well its time for some shut eye now. Hope I can fit in a decent length plod tomorrow.

    Take care all. Hugs to Hippo.
  • Morning everyone! I'm feeling quite chipper this morning. Kept face out of the food cupboards and fridge last night and settled down with (yet another!) jacket spud, baked beans and tuna! No wonder I had a good track session last night - wind assisted! Plus, no aches, pains or walking like a cripple as is my usual complaint the day after a hard run!

    72 hours since last bit of chocolate passed my lips (not that I'm obsessed with choccies REALLY!! lol!)

    I think Celebrity Fit Club is really motivating, to actually flash the fat in front of millions takes guts!


  • mavamava ✭✭✭
    Good morning Roz, good morning Speedy, Hippo and all.

    Speedy, you're not stepping backwards at all. You're moving forwards all the time. OK, maybe some days you're moving a bit more slowly than others but you'll get there all the same.

    Another sparrow fart start for me today - cross training (yuk, numb toes for 50 minutes). Dreading tomorrow as it's another hard threshold session.

    So I'm sitting at my desk talking to you while the work just piles up. Groan.

    Spent another couple of hours on neighbour's pc last night. Making progress. It only takes 15 minutes to boot up instead of 30. Left it last night with Norton doing a full system scan so we'll see what nasties that pulls out.
  • I agree with Mava, Speedy. Just cos you had one meal doesn't mean it has spoilt your progress. We all have times when we pig out and as long as it is only occasionally and not every day, it is ok. Just look at you now, going out for runs where you hadn't done so for a long time. It won't take years to get off, silly moo! It obviously won't be overnight though and that is what you have to remember.

    Try this website! It's quite 'punchy'!

    Sorry, don't know how to do links!
  • Evening all. Managed out tonight for 4.5 miles. How come I am running more, walking less and slower than last week when I did this same route. I can only think of two reasons - 1) tonight was in the dark with a torch 2) runs are longer and trying harder so walks are slower to recover. Got to have some excuse as I really felt better. Still finding it hard to seperate the used to be slimmer and faster runner from the fat, plodder that I am now and get angry with myself.

    Diet ok today been good. Trying to make up for last night.

    Mava - what did Norton find then? Lots or just a little?

    Roz - will look up that website tonight.

  • mavamava ✭✭✭
    Hi Speedy. Good stuff on the running. Personally I wouldn't get hung up on the speed just now. The good thing is you're running more and walking less. Are you setting yourself short-term goals rather than just focusing on the long term? Much easier to achieve!

    I'm feeling grumpy because I didn't run today! And I'm feeling porky. It's very depressing to be putting on weight when I've been upping my running so much. I can only assume it's delayed weight gain from giving up smoking - I didn't gain anything for the first three months. I've not gained much but I've been on that slippery slope so many times before; need to catch it before it catches me!

    I haven't been next door tonight (they're struggling with a 2 month old baby who won't sleep unless physically attached to mum) but my neighbour tells me Norton found 4 viruses. We'll have to see if that speeds up boot-up at all. I'll probably go in again sometime to do some more fiddling.
  • Hi mava - I do think it is because I used to time all my runs as I was striving for getting times down. I was trying to get under 4.30 for a marathon as 4.33 was my best and under 1.50 for the half as 1.54 was the best. I guess I can't get out of the habit of thinking times.

    Good for you for stopping smoking. That takes real willpower. I found that unless you catch any weight gain early it is dangerous but thats good that you realise that.

    Sorry for the mum struggling with baby. I was always lucky and mine slept but my sisters didn't and even now when they are 7 and 3 they are still up till 9ish at night.
  • mavamava ✭✭✭
    I fall for the same trap on my 'easy' runs if I run a route I'm used to doing. I always think about what my usual time is. And I am aiming for a time in Reading and FLM so I'm thinking about it too.

    The smoking thing was not something I particularly wanted to do at first but I'm in the process of having a dental implant and have been told that it's more likely to fail if I'm a smoker. Since it's costing me 2 grand..... Plus 4 weeks after I gave up I found out I had a ballot place in FLM so there was another incentive. I've been using NRT and I'm just about weaned off it now.

    I've had weight gain all my life - fat, thin, fat, thin, fat, thin. Probably borderline eating disordered really. Not that I vomit or anything but my relationship with food is not a healthy one. Right now everyone who's known me a while says I'm thin/too thin but I totally agree with the saying (don't know who) that one can never be too rich or too thin!
  • Wow. I think if I was a smoker and was forking out 2K on dental work I might give up too. Congrats for that and for the FLM place.

    I know what you mean about relationship with food. I do have an unhealthy one. I just cannot stop eating. Food is important. My homelife is boring and the more the other half ignores me or we don't go out or anything I eat. It takes place of everything else. I just cannot pass up sweets and biscuits.

    Hope you are not too thin. It can be as bad for you as being too fat like me. Sometimes I think my youngest is too preoccupied with food. She is a lovely size 10 but fears putting anything on. She was thinner but since she moved in with her boyfriend (now husband) he makes sure she eats decently and gets angry if she misses a meal.

    Going to watch wife swap. Catch you later.
  • mavamava ✭✭✭
    I'm 5'10" and size 12/14 - don't think too thin at all (as you can see from my pic). It's my face which looks thin. But I've been a size 18, and not that long ago. I was this height and slightly bigger build at 14 and my dad (6'5" and 20+ stone!) always told me I was fat and, guess what? I believed him. And so began a lifetime of dieting.

    Just got out of a 45 minute bath - was reading RW and didn't notice the water was going a bit tepid!

    Hope wife swap was worth it. I'm off to my pit.

    Talk to you tomorrow.
  • It really annoys me how people can be so insensitive with teenagers and food, Mava! You were at an impressionable age and your Dad did set the seeds in your mind about food. Anyway, it looks like you have got the balance right, you have a lovely figure. I'm 5'9' and a 12/14 too (but with a little spare tyre!!) so only aiming to lose a few pounds. It's more like healthy eating really, getting into the habit of choosing the right foods and taking care of important things like cholesterol and blood pressure, with weight loss being a bonus if it happens!

    Speedy, don't worry about how long it takes you to do a certain route - in fact, don't take your watch for a few runs! Next time you do, you'll be pleasantly suprised!

    Last night I went to the gym and had another good workout. I even had a salad jacket spud last night...NO CHOCCIES! I'm even drinking lots of water and it has made a difference to my energy levels. Did you see the programme last night on sleep? Excellent advice (and drinking lots of water reduces the stress on your body and therefore helps you to sleep!!)
  • whats sleep?

    Im 5 ft 2-and a bit
    and size 16
  • Awww (((Hippo))), you not sleeping? There were some really good tips last night. Like writing down everything you have to remember, not exercising 2-3 hours before going to bed, time management, childcare skils etc etc.... really interesting.

    According to Body Mass Index charts, I'm 24% fat but when I had my health asssesment last night, I'm 31.5%....eek! Still within normal limits but a bit of a shock! I had to use a little machine which passed a small electrical current through me (didn't feel a thing!). It has made me even more determined to cut out the bad fat in my diet! I want my arteries and veins to be fur-free!
  • Roz
    I was up all night doing a presentation
    would have loved to kip!!!!
    hm those machines can be very inaccurate
  • mavamava ✭✭✭
    Roz, I shouldn't worry too much about the monitor reading. Was it a Tanita Body Fat Moniter scale? I've got one of those machines at home (birthday present from one of my brothers....a message perhaps!) and it tells me I have 33% body fat. Yeah, right. If my BMI is 21.5 or something I doubt that %. Apparently if you do more than a certain number of hours of hard cario work in a week (can't remember the number) then the scales will give you an inaccurate reading.

    Also Roz, to your earlier post - can you believe it that my dad was a Child and Adolescent psychiatrist at the time he was doing so much to boost my self-esteem...

    (((Hippo))) Hope the presentation goes well.

    Just done my threshold session - 2 lots of 20 mins at 80-85% HR. The second one is a real killer. I'm pleased tomorrow is a rest day. Late start for me I think.

    Time to do some work.
  • Hippo, I hope your presentation goes well. I remember the days when I used to sit up all hours studying!

    Mava, I'm not sure what the monitor was but I held it in both hands! It will be probably be more accurate to 'pinch my inches' then?!?!? lol! Re your Dad, just goes to show that regardless of job, parents can get it SO wrong!! Well done for doing your hard session, you'll reap the rewards soon I'll bet! I'm hoping my track sessions will do the trick too. I'm off for a steady run tonight before my friend comes round. I'll take my dog (Guy) with me and just hope he doesn't trip me up this time! lol!
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