Too fat to run now



  • Cyprus on weds at sparrows fart
  • Oooh exciting, at least you will get some decent weather ;-))

  • Hi guys

    Please don't worry about me, I'm okay. Just tired, busy and fed up. Not running and coming to a running website too often isn't doing me a lot of good at the moment, sorry.

    Thanks for caring, I'm still on email.

  • not sure what you want us to do ally
  • I just came by because Speedy said you were all worried, I didn't want any of you to be worrying thats all.

    I'll stay in touch with you by email, text etc but a running website is not the best place for me just now.

  • Evening folks. Hope you are all ok as no one has been on here today.

    Cant get on computer as hubby is on but might get it later.

    Nice to see you ally and i will keep in touch by text and email.

    Trust you have am early flight on wed then hippo. We have on sunday. 8am flight so need to be at airport at 5 ish. Bit early for the kids thats all.

    Day off tomorrow and i need it as stuffed with the cold. So no plodding at the moment. Eating too much as well. What is the saying feed a cold starve a fever and its only a cold.
  • Get better soon Speedy!

    No plod for me either. Did intend going to gym but got busy cleaning the kitchen and tidying up...that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

    Cyprus!?!?!? Whee!!! Can I come, can I? Huh? huh???

    I found a huge bar of chocolate (mint crisp) in my stationery order today! I'm not sure if it was meant for me but I nabbed it anyway! lol! Well, so much for the diet, I've eaten a third of it already!

  • lol Roz!!!!
    Anyway, you can't go toCyprus cos the schedule says 35 miles on Sunday.......


    Ally, good to see you here, but you must do what you are happy with

    Speedy, hope you feel better soon

    CC is now away, and if at all possible, maybe see her briefly on Thursday afternoon, after I have collected SiL, as she is coming over for w/end

  • 35 miles !!!!! 35 Miles!!?!?!?! who runs 35 miles - only madmen surely?

    i did a couple of milesish sort of, around that, this evening. i will never ever be fit enough to do another marathon, half marathon or even 5k at this rate.....still i could jsutbecome fat and happy......

    hmmm i am already fat and much for plan B
  • lol Francy,
    I'm sure 'the schedule says 35 doubt Roz will put me straight!

  • 35 miles is just stupid
    love hippo
  • hehe, perhaps it says 13-15 but the 1's have faded....what do you reckon.....?!?!

  • evening
    still up too
    i tried that shetland gin today :-)
  • 3-5 sounds sensible
  • but

    oh heck

  • Yes Hippo, I agree, it does!

    Ooh PS, any good?

  • lovely - ask hipps - blackwood is it? (can't remember the name - the bottle is in the kitchen)
  • blackwood is the baby
  • bedtime i'm afraid
    last night was a late one
    have a good hol hipps if don't see you again
  • Nite PS

    I shall have to try that one then!

  • thank you PS
  • S'pose to be 16 miles on Sun! I haven't a cat in hell's chance of doing that! I'm being good and am doing gentle stretches but hoping to get to gym tonight after v nice man fits my light and my door handle!

    Have a good hol Hipps.... (sure I can't tag along???)
  • Evening folks.

    Bodjit I think you made a mistake and its only 3.5 miles this weekend.

    Hippo have a good holiday if I don't catch you before you go.

    No plod today as was very busy sorting out Turkish money etc. Came home and thought I better do something about the weeds in the garden. Was fine while I was doing that but when I came back indoors I got a right dose of hayfever and am thoroughly miserable with it right now. Got earache from the cold which is not a good sign seeing as flying on Sunday.

    Question is I have don't nowt in the way of plodding lately and I come back on 12 Aug and the Glasgow half in on 2 Sept - what is the chances of doing this!!!!! 3 weeks to train when I come back and it will be from a standing start - no chance I think not after 2 sun filled beer swigging weeks. :-(

    Been very quiet on here lately. And now that CC has gone on her hols - hope she enjoys it - and Hippo is off tomorrow and me on Sunday then its up to you Bodjit and Roz and francy and PS and slo sho to keep the flag flying on here.Don't want tocome back and see we have dropped off the front page as we have managed to stay on it since the day we started.

    I will be watching from Turkey to check....LOL.
  • Evening

    Speedy, I had ear problems on the w/end with my cold, but they have recovered now, so hope yours are ok for flying.

    There will be loads doing Glasgow, so you will be fine, just take it slowly

    Roz, hope you managed gym tonight, I shall pass no remark regarding nice man, light and door handle ;-))

    Hippo, hope you are getting an early night, have a grrrreat holiday

  • Hi Bodjit

    Just heading to bed now. How is the weather and floods with you today.

    Yes loads doing Glasgow so may as well give it a bash.

  • Hippo have a great holiday
  • ta
  • Speedy, they have saved the power station, so we have power, and still have water supply, which should be ok now. Can't get to Gloucester, but other routes out are open. Friends in Cheltenham have no water, they expect none for 1-2 weeks ;-(

    Shall think of you Hippo!

  • Hope you have a fab time, lovely Hippo.

    We'll keep this thread on the front page Speedy, don't worry. we're endurance athletes, innit?
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