Too fat to run now



  • I will try to check in
  • still here then? i thought you'd gone

    well, as you're here...

  • Have a great time Hippo, lots of R & R for you!

    Lovely man fitted door handle and light in the appropriate places! lol! You norty lot!

    Anyway, email from V said he would LOVE to see me again so he is coming up on Saturday. It will be really nice to see him again.

    Hope your hayfever and earache goes Speedy..not nice being ill on hols.

    Hi Sho, how's it going? I managed to get to gym and have done a bit but most important, lots of stretches and have booked myself in for freebie sports massage on Friday.
  • leave at 4 am tomorrow

    sorting out music
  • be careful with V roz

    PS, that was nice
  • did you pack the books and music before or after the clothes?

    ipod has changed the music issue for me

    night all

    have a good one hipps
  • i aim to please x
  • Books were packed first

    I have MUVO, not IPOD
  • Will be very careful with V Hipps, I promise. Can I just use and abuse him instead??? lol!
  • oh yes, wel, thats fine Roz

    dont want you to get hurt tho

    I cant separate sex form emotion, me
  • Me neither, I do care about him, a lot. But I'll play his game and see how he likes it!
  • hokay

    long as you dont get too involved
  • Well, I was too involved a few months ago, but his attitude really hurt and has made me back off a lot. This way, I'll play it cool, he seems to like the challenge!!!

    I'm still keeping an eye on the dating market though so as to keep my options open, so to speak!
  • Morning all!

    Summer lasted all of one day! I knew I should have cut the grass last night!

    Off to Spinning class tonight and PT straight after....cross training you know! lol!

  • V V quiet on here today.........

    Nite folks x
  • Helloooooooooooooo

    Busy day, supermarket finally had shelves stocked again, so I can feed SiL tomorrow night!

    Badminton earlier, then came home via mini Bodjits, as she has been working at a summer school week, and has been making certificates etc for the final day on Friday, it has been a film week, writing producing etc. Ending with buffet on friday, so I called round to help her with the cooking of the food, I was soooo hungry by then, I could have just eaten it as it came out of the oven ;-)

    I must go and have a shower.....

    Roz, there may be a dry spell tomorrow afternoon....if you are lucky!!

  • I'm just off for my tempo run, but I don't want to do it! It may turn out to be an SSR instead....
  • Slo Sho, are you back yet........did it turn out to be a LSR ;-))

    Luverly weather again, chucking it down ;-(

    left work early, collected SiL, and now need to muck out before she comes here tonight for a meal....

  • Hi folks.

    Will trust you then Slo sho to keep us on front page then. :-)

    Update on earache - been to doctors as very sore. He told me I have a bulging eardrum and infection. Gave me AB's and advised not to fly on Sunday if still sore or I know what will happen. Sure do as had perforated ear drum once before when flying. But hey I can suffer it just to get away.

    Unfortunately 10 year old grandson also has earache and got AB's yesterday so fingers crossed we are both ok. I don't want to see him in pain on the flight.

    Roz - as the others say be careful with V.

    Raining here as well.
  • ((Speedy)), hope you feel better soon.

    Well it turned out more of a tempo than an SSR, though a bit slower than it should have been. Maybe I've invented the SSTR - short slow tempo run!
  • Hello folks!

    Back from holiday - finally!

    Long story - all boring!

    Hope to be running again before the weekend is out!
  • Welcome back CC

    Rained! Boo! no grass cutting again. No run either but off to gym tomorrow as I have a freebie sports massage so if I get there early enough, I can have a good workout and a shower beforehand.

    ABs take apporx 3 days to start to have an effect so you may be lucky Speedy

    Hi Sho, well done on invention - are you going to patent it?
  • Speedy, fingers crossed that the a/b's kick in before Sunday, as Roz said 2-3 days so hopefully it will be ok. Also your grandson.

    Lol Slo Sho, I like it!

    CC, sorry we didn't get to meet, but I can understand with all the wet weather!

    Well, half mucked out, and meal was nice, I cooked beef stroganoff.

  • Morning lovelies! Welcome back Creamie.

    LSR tomorrow so housework today. What a glamorous life.
  • Afternoon all!

    I've taken the week off from running to help heal my hamstring and after a sports massage today, I think it is looking good. I will have lost 2 LSRs though and so my next LSR will be 'keep going for as long as I can' distance! lol!

    Right day off but have to go out to work so see ya all later!

  • Good evening/night

    Been really busy and not had time to post.

    No one been on here tonight.

    CC - Hope hols weren't too bad.

    Roz - better to take time to recover from injury than make it worse.

    Will try get on tomorrow and catch anyone around before my hols on Sunday.

    Earache still bad but hopefully another day will help.

    Really have to get my ar*e in gear when I get home and get some training in for Glasgow and Leicester.

    Off to bed now.
  • Morning!

    loooong day at work, really busy, had wonderful chinese takeaway tonight, so, full of MSG ;-))

    Jacob is here as mini Bodjit has a night out with girls, trouble is, son has moved back home so his bed is occupied by Jacob...... so hopefully Jacob will have vacated the bed by the time he gets in...!

    Lol Roz, re LSR, that means everytime I go out I can call it a LSR!, Well I have 2.5 weeks with no woggling, but cold /chest finally improving, so maybe next week I will make it out

    Speedy, hopefully today the ear will start to improve.

  • *tumbleweed rolls across the thread*
  • oooh oooh msg i saw msg flying high tonight then
  • home alone tonight whilst mrs p in ze fatherland. couldn't face party, although failed to do much else. might do the early night - productive sunday thing
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