Too fat to run now



  • i went to coventry today, thought it was ok until this rather unpleasantly fat woman (cheap fat not expensive fat) walked towards me with what appeared to be her parents and she was explaining (with hand gestures) all about her earwax. frankly there are just some things that should be left unsaid.

    went with the thin one for her interview and fitness test for paramedic sciences. she so wants to be a paramedic. poor thing had an asthma attack during the bleep test. just so not fair she rides a bike 10 miles a day....but she has had a cold and we hope it will be ok.
  • Watching Jekyll on TV after watching BBC3 repeats of Dr Who (I am so sad!!)

    Raining here again :(
  • Morning all!

    Today I shall be mainly regrouting my kitchen tiles. Deep joy.
  • Afternoon all!

    Brill weekend with V, he even arrived earlier than I expected so it seems as if he was keen! Just HAD to abuse his body! lol!

    No running until Tuesday as I'm in MK tomorrow and the early start and late finish usually wears me out!

    Athletics on now so off to motivate myself to get arse in gear next week!

    How's the grouting and deep joy getting on Sho?
  • off to abuse my body in gym

    home alone for 10 days so only self-abuse available
  • i hate to break into run speak, but i have my flm mag.....decisions decisions.....anyone else
  • Same dilemma here Francy....what on earth do I do? Might not get in again and would I be happy about that??
  • Self abuse PS?? Norty boy!
  • i suppose i dont mind if i dont get in because i have no expectation that i will. if i do get in then i have a problem LOL
  • Evening

    Lol PS!!!

    I hope Speedy, survived the flight with her ear...

    Been very busy with SiL here, taken her back to the airport now

    No probs about the flm, the mag was so wet, I couldn't even open it, so it was recycled ;-)

    Slo sho, how is the grouting...

    CC it is really nice out there now

    Now, ear wax.....;-))))
    If the thin one doesn't make it this time, tell her to re-apply, I know someone who applied about 3 times before she made it

    I now have 2 days holiday

    Roz, glad your w/end with V was good ;-)

  • Thanks Bodjit! Seems my strategy of being cool is working (although very slowly!) He even bought a couple of bowls because, in his words, "when you come down in a couple of weeks, I won't have a bowl for your cereal in the morning!"


    Lol Francy! My thoughts too!
  • i hope the thin person does make it. its interesting that she got an interview because she only put her ucas form in about 6 weeks ago. apparently they have a new commission from western ambulance service to train 20 paramedics so this is an extra course. there were only 28 on the interview so fingers crossed. if she does get in then she will be with gloucestershire avon or any of you out there be scared be very scared.

    great tactics roz. i love it when a plan comes together.

    how is the grouting queen getting on....
  • Oh heck, I need to be very scared then.....!!

  • hee hee
  • Yep, weather ain't been bad here today Bodjit but I think we made the right decision in the end. But we must make a date to meet up soon!

    I recycled my FLM mag as soon as I received it!

    Sho's very quiet about how the grouting is going!

    Roz - glad you had a nice time! Look after yourself, though, please??

    Eldest little CC is coming for a run/walk with me tomorrow (about 2.5miles) then I'll go and do a bit more once he's back home.

    Off to see HP film tomorrow - read the latest book whilst on hols.

    Mr CC is on holiday this week as well - not sure what else is planned...

  • self abuse is all i can admit to - i can't exactly post and admit to a plethora of ukranian prostitutes in the house, as well as one or two of the more nubile of the young girls at work that i can still sufficiently impress with my seniority to entice home to my love-nest

    i just read the sunday papers to be fair, did a bit of work, did a bit of elliptical at the gym and watched james bond
  • AAARGH! Why didn't you lot stop me?

    Now I've regrouted the tiles they look lovely, all sparkly and clean. As a result, the rest of the kitchen looks shabby and disgusting, so now I'm going to have to redecorate the whole kitchen...with the boys on holiday...and two large hairy dogs following me around...and a marathon to train for.

    Now every time I set foot in the s*dding kitchen I can only see how badly it needs done so I'll have to do it NOW! <sob>
  • Plodded a total of 3.8miles today! 1st 2.42miles with eldest little CC (3min run 1min walk) then went off on my own for a loop of 1.38miles. Quite pleased with that after nearly 2 weeks of no running! Low total for July but as I had a blip not feeling brilliant and all the rushing around towards end of term (and not wanting to push my luck with my energy levels!), I think I've done quite well!

    How's everyone else?

    (((((Sho and her kitchen)))))
  • Hi CC - I will look after myself, thanks for caring. It is work that occasionally tries to kill me though! Got up at 4.45 am, out of the house at 5.50 am, drove 140 miles to MK, worked a full day (v busy!). About to set off back when a traffic warning said there was a 2 hour tailback from Jnct 14. Sooooo, what did I do? spent nearly two hours driving an alternative route of 30 ish miles to bypass said jam! ho hum! Got in at 9pm!

    First run in 2 weeks tomorrow!

    Awww Sho!!! go get a nice man to finish off kitchen!

    Francy - thin one will also need to take her lifeguard tests too! lol!

    PS! LOL!
  • lol PS!!! Wishful thinking, eh ;-))

    Slo sho, you came in here, announced what you were going to be up to, then disappeared for they day how could we stop you?!?!?!

    CC Well done!

    Today I have been mostly driving, tomorrow tis Mini Bodjits birthday so I shall treat her to lunch out

    Well my marafun training said go swimming this evening, so I did

  • Went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix today. Both boys watched it all and Mr CC even enjoyed it! Not sure what else is planned for the week...
  • Hi Bodjit...didn't see you there, you hiding?

    Good run CC, blooming more than I've done lately, I feel like a fat blimp, especially after fiddling hormones to stop a certain something spoiling my weekend! lol!
  • I don't have that problem, Roz. Don't need to fiddle anymore. And Mr CC says he isn't fussed! (Sorry for the gross-out there!) I always feel like a fat blimp, Roz ;) regardless of anything!!

    Glass of Pimms and lemonade anyone?
  • To add to gross, V says he doesn't mind either!!!

    Got any Bailey's???
  • No, sorry Roz, don't drink Bailey's!!
  • Bodjit, couldn't you at least have tried telepathy? ;-)

    Creamie, well run. Roz, what you've been doing is undoubtedly cross-training.
  • nah Slo, not that good at it!!

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