Too fat to run now



  • Morning!

    Funny that Bodjit, some drivers expect others to have ESP, especially when not using their indicators!!! I'm gonna suggest that they put that in the driving test!

  • Afternoon!

    Messing with hormones has given me awful p. pains! The price one has to pay! lol! Ibuprofen taken and should be working by the time I get out 4 a run.
  • Roz, hope you are feeling a little better for you run. swam todsy again, may do a gentle woggle at the end of the week
    I think you are refering to economy cars....they don't have indicators!!

    Done a lot of gardening, took mini Bodjit out for lunch, and now am just about to get back out into the garden, its sunny!!!!

  • having the children at home is definitely interfering with my foruming....
  • sh*t i am tired. did a bit of shuffling round the thicket with gorgeous adam yesterday which was good but by god i am busy at work. it seems to me that the whole of berkshire has decided to divorce their spouse now. i wonder if it is something to do with the weather.

    how are you all. well i know how PS is he seems to be abusing himself.
  • Hi peeps! I managed a woggle of 5.61 miles without too much problem from hamstring...just the rest of the body that was complaining! Boy! I feel like I've lost so much running fitness in just over a week! It was like running through treacle but was good to be out in the sunshine!

    Ah! I see Bodjit! Nothing to do with the crappy organic organism behind the wheel then!

    Francy! the weather must be frying their brains!

    Well, bed time for me. Nite all!
  • Nite Roz, glad the woggle went well, although treacle is not good, but then most of my woggles feel like that!

    Slo sho, ship them off to a summer school somewhere.......;-)

    francy, round the thicket is far better than in it, especially as you are now a respectable married woman!

    PS sounds very busy!!

    Back to work tomorrow :-(

  • it's not easy you know!

    oxanna and ludmilla are very demanding
  • Happy Yorkshire Day!!!

    Lovely and sunny earlier but just starting to cloud over. My legs feel like they've had a good workout from yesterday's run but it is good to be out there!

    Spinning class tonight and PT straight after. I need to lose some weight, I've put on a stone over the last two years and it isn't good! So have decided to cut out carbs at evening meal and just have then at breakfast and lunch. Hopefully I will lose some weight cos it is really making me fed up (clothes getting a wee bit tight!)

    PS!!! Shock! horror! You will be far too tired to get out running!!!!
  • Hi lovelies!

    Just passing through between bouts of refereeing between the children...
  • slo sho i have spare children, shall i send them to referee for you. they are quite grown up and good at that sort of thing.

    what i really want to know is how does anyone have the energy to run go to yoga or anything else. i am just shattered after i have done a days work done the shopping cooked dinner done the washing blah blah blah
  • Managed 4.57miles - ran to my friend's, did a run then ran home (at a very slow sedate pace!). Great to catch up with her (made sure I had enough breath to talk!).

    Went to Uffington White Horse Hill today - lots of sheep grazing (Bingo took an interest in the presents they had left behind). Felt distinct vertigo as I looked down the white horse to dragon hill :( Thought I'd cured that when I walked up Mount Snowdon 2 years ago! It was a gorgeous day. We didn't walk to Wayland's Smithy along the Ridgeway today - kids just wanted to run around Uffington Castle/Hill Fort!!

  • Sounds like you had a lovely outing CC. There is a white horse not that far from me at Kilburn.

    Francy, I find time by NOT doing the shopping, NOT cooking the dinner and NOT doing the washing! lol!
  • lol PS!!!!!

    CC, I'm pleased to hear that Bingo is as disgusting as both of our dogs!! Hope you tired the children out

    But Francy, you are newley wonder you are exhausted ;-)

    Akscherly, <whispers> I don't have the energy either, thinks its our age :-((

    Slo sho, have fun, we gave up refereeing ours when they hit the teens, we just thought we'd go for the knockout!! Amazingly it never happened, and the fights seemed to lessen....propbably just coincidence!

    Roz, where do you get all your energy from...

    I did play 2 hrs of badminton tonight, shattered before I went, but perked up once there, so I think, Francy, we just have to get out there and get on with it.....maybe!

  • You hit the nail on the head there Bodjit! Just do it! (Where have I heard that before??)

    Spinning class was hard work but getting better and PT focussed on arms and abs!!! Got home and then went out for a walk with Guy and had an impromptu jogette for about 100 yrds!!

    Guy just as disgusting!!! It amazes me how close he gets to the poo when sniffing it but doesn't stick his nose in it!!!
  • i often do go and just do it, but ia m so shattered at the moment its more than i can so sometimes to even get home.

  • Francy yes please, I'd like some extra referees, do send them my way!

    Bodjit I keep saying I'll stop refereeing and let them sort themselves out, but I can't bear listening to them! They're 10 and 12, and I keep thinking they'll grow out of it...

    I took both boys and both dogs for a long country walk with some friends today, and the dogs managed to eat deer poo, rabbit poo, and several sticks. Thought I'd share that with you.
  • no sorry slo, they won't grow out of it. my boys 34 and 32 still can't walk through a door one after another and have to try and get through at the same time .......

    my dog i still staring at the can never tell when it might attack......
  • Sho! Yuk! I strongly suspect Guy has eaten cat poo but not entirely sure!!!

    No run today, had planned a 5 miler but p pains so bad, ibuprofen has barely touched it! Plus headache and feel sick! Have already been to bed but need to eat but CBA'd!
  • Evening, Roz I hope you recover soon!

    Slo sho,thanks for that info ;-)

    Francy, you have been really busy for a while, so no wonder you are so tired, you need a holiday now!!

    No woggle or swim today

  • Tai chi :D
  • i've just had a holiday! i have so much work to do i cant believe it.

    i am in court tomorrow with the most stupid woman in the galaxy.... i am breathless with excitement.

    am off to bed to listen to the elderly husband snore.
  • Well, feeling a bit better, especially after scoffing two blueberry muffins and two slices of ham! That's my evening meal!!!

    Now off to bed (again!)

    Good luck with the court floozy Francy!
  • Happy Friday everyone!

    I would say I was day off today but I haven't been slacking! All pets taken to vets for injections (like a blooming military exercise!)

    Then for eyes testing (I'll stick with my readers!)

    THEN..... 9 mile run!!! yes folks that is NINE miles! I'm so chuffed. Also weighed myself today and at last I'm under 12 stone ( well, 11:13 but it's a start!)
  • Well done Roz!

    Today I have been mostly doing chores. Tomorrow I have to run 20 miles.

    Would somebody else do it for me please so I can stay in bed?
  • I'll drive it for you Slo Sho, will that do...?!?!?

    Roz, that's brill ;-)

    Well I have been to work, exciting, I know! left early and took some time owing, and not back in til next Wednesday, yipee

  • i am sorry i did the most stupid woman in the galaxy an injustice.

    she is actually the most stupid woman in the known universe.......

    well done roz on your run not congrats on weight i am too jealous. :-)

    i am marathon training tonight

    marathon drinking and eating......
  • i wouldn't have any work if it weren't for stupid people - don't knock 'em. I can't pay for the mortgage on just the unlucky ones and the proper nutters/perves that can't control themselves
  • PS this woman is so stupid i dont know how she functions. i was, after drawing pictures, reduced to tearing up bits of paper to explain the division of assets and she still couldn't understand. we were in reading county court, M & S is next door, i was about to go and get a cake and cut it up. thank heavens for her gay air steward friend who was hilariously entertaining and kept her under control.

  • Lol PS!

    20 miles Sho?!?!?! Blimey, I've not got to that stage of my training yet. You'll be knocking spots off me at Leicester!

    Sunday is my LSR now I have the confidence of this 9 miler today. I'm aiming for 16 miles but hopefully may be able to do a bit more...we'll see. It will be hard as I've decided that 10 miles is the longest I will allow Guy to run but I'll miss him.

    He is, at this very precise time, laid by my feet!
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