Wot no picture

Hi all,

for some strange reason I keep volunteering to help people with their picture. I suppose it keeps me out of the pub and away from the shops at lunchtimes.

If anyones wants some clipart etc, then e-mail me with your requirements and I'll see what I can find. I'll then resize it and send it back to you


  • Have you nothing better to do? Hmmm? Very nice of you offer though! RB got me mine... Its a beauty I think!

    PS> I'll have a chat with your boss and see if he can get you something more to do!
  • Too kind Jon. So looking at your mail address, do you work with politicos?
  • Hmm... You mean the secret one that not that many people are supposed to know about? SHHHHH!!!
  • Ok 007
  • Thanks to you I've just had my cover blown! A two year operation goes up in smoke!

    (only joking!)
  • I'm going to find you a new image. What was the relevance of the monkey other than the fact you're realy cheeky
  • Somethng to do with the failed ITV debacle I'll warrant.
  • None of the above, more to do with my old signature line "How do expect me to use a remote control... With these!!!"
  • You mean that was Jon's fault as well
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