Camelbak Flashflo

Ordered a Camelbak Flashflo from for £25 with free delivery. Tried it out this morning and it's ace! If you squeeze the excess air out before closing it, the water jumps about less. It's really secure and the tube is really easy to use and clip into the belt. Would definitely recommend getting one. My bottle belt is going straight in the bin! Thanks to GaryT and others who convinced me to order one.


  • I got one for Christmas and am very impressed. It doesn't wobble/chafe or indeed do anything annoying. There is room for my phone, keys and a lot more besides.
  • I had one, but sold it. Didn't like it - it jumped, chaffed, wouldn't stay on my waist (with the belt FULLY tightened!). But then I get the feeling it wasn't made for small 8stone people with a 30inch waist like me :-(
  • hey i think he's dissing us ;)
  • YRR, I'm not small and 8 stone, but I too have a 29/30" waist and had no problems with it at all. Can't fault it at all.

    Looking forward to trying out my new SiS carb drink stuff in it on my next 2h run.
  • oooooh what flavour?

    (be sure to rinse & dry your bladder asap so to speak.
  • I bought one after trying a run belt which wouldnt stay put on its tightest setting. I;m about 10st with a 28-29 inch waist. Decised to try the flashflo after all the good comments, only used it once & it did the job well, didnt bounce once I got the tightness correct, took a little while to get used to drinking from it as it took a little more effort.

    On the whole highly recomended.
  • I bought two flavours - blackcurrant and an orange one. Will try both and see which tastes least yucky! I've never tried any energy drinks or anything before, but need to start using these things if I'm going to get a new 1/2 mara pb.

    Yes, I emptied my bladder as soon as I came out of the shower. Fnar fnar. Husband is going to twist a metal coathanger to make a gadget to keep it open and I'll hang it in the airing cupboard to dry. I suppose washing and drying will be even more important when I start filling it with carb drink. Don't even want to think about the nasties which could grow in it with that for food!
  • Tell it like it is Twinklemel. You will never be thirsty or hungry on a run again. I can't remember what my record for no. of gels stashed in the Flashflo in one sess but sure it would've seen me through the week.

    Get yourself a bottle of Milton from Boots and give your bladder a dunk in it every so often. Your next drink may taste a bit like a baby bottle but tis worth it to avoid the mould growth.

  • another convert to a flashflo TM - welcome to the club....

    saved my life on an 18 miler yesterday.....

    I wash the bladder out every time but about every 10 uses I sterilise it with Milton just to keep it in tip top condition.....

    as for SiS - buy the neutral stuff and flavour it with what you want (I use some French fruit syrups from Teisseire - not easy to get hold of but I stock up in France) of the guys from SiS told me that he uses neutral and puts in the juice from a freshly squeezed lemon and lime and he said is great - not tried it myself yet though..........
  • Thanks for that FB. I don't think they had neutral flavour in the shop, but I'm sure I can find it online somewhere if the flavoured ones are really dire.

    My husband made some sort of gadget from an old wire coathanger and hung the bladder up in the airing cupboard for me.

    Who says husbands have no uses?
  • you can get all SiS products on line from

  • Tried the blackcurrant SiS stuff yesterday, but made at 50% concentration and it was fine. Tasted ok and I definitely felt like I had more energy when I got home at the end of my ten miler.
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