slow, easy, steady paces

Somewhere on this site I've seen a chart detailing exactly what's meant by slow, easy, steady paces (with times) - but I'm blowed if I can find it again! Can anybody help?



  • Hi Jo,

    I may have been a bit erratic about adding the link - it should be at least in the 'related articles' under any schedule...

    Meanwhile, it's here

    All the best

    Sean, RW
  • Thanks Sean!

    But I'm sure I saw a table where you could start with a known time you've acheived over a given distance, and from that extrapolate out the 'minutes per mile' paces for easy, slow, steady etc. Does that ring any bells or am I dreaming?

    Maybe I should just go out a buy a heart rate monitor!

  • The competitive runners handbook gives you pace for different training sessions based on your race times.
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