HRM technology

I have often wondered on the nature of the transmissions between the chest transmitter and the receiver of modern heart rate monitors. Does anyone know if these are microwave based?

The reason I ask is that I was wondering if there are any safety issues like many say there are with mobile phones. Obviously the power would be very low, but on the other hand the device is in direct electical contact with the chest.

I asked Polar this question but never got a response.

Thanks, Jerry


  • My HRM claims to transmit at 5kHz, so no, not microwaves. It's not really a transmitter at all - hence the 80cm range.

    It's probably about as safe as sitting near the cables going to your Hifi speakers!
  • Sean, Many thanks for that. My HRM didn't say anything about the frequency,
    although I did read in a book somewhere that the link is electromagnetic. But at such a low
    frequency it really ought to be safe! Thanks, Jerry
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