NB 1023 vs Asics Nimbus and Mizuno Wave Riders

Looking for a second, different pair of shoes. I'm a neutral runner but due to knee problems like my shoes as cushioned as possible. I've been wearing Asics Gel Nimbus (3rd pair) and Mizuno Wave Riders (also 3rd pair). I find the Mizunos a bit hard on the heel, and very noisy - I love the fit though. The Asics are comfortable to run in, but I could do with a slightly narrower fit in my second pair. I've been looking at the NB 1023s - does anyone know how these compare to the Nimbus and Riders?


  • Why don't you get a pair of Nb 1022's from the factory shop tel (017687 74631) £29.99 there the same as the 1023's nearly and if they don't do the job you haven't spent a fortune.
  • I forgot to add I had cartilage damage to my knee quiet bad. I had a op to sort it. When I started running again I found it hard to find a pair of shoes with really good cushioning which were not like bricks the 1022 did the job.
  • Are the 1022s deep enough for orthotics would you say
  • Yes i think NB made sure they were. 2 people I run with who use orthotics got a pair cause of the price and recommendation and they think there the best thing since sliced bread.
  • I don't really want to order shoes that I've not run in before; I'd rather pay £60 to Runner's Need or London City Runner for a pair of shoes that I've tried on in their shop and can take back and swap if necessary than £30 for a pair of shoes that I'm then stuck with, so it's £30 entirely wasted. I'm quite happy to buy older models of the Nimbus (and do so!) but that's because I know that they'll be fine.

    I have no idea how the NBs feel after 10 miles though I know which size would fit me. What I really want is for someone who's tried them before to be able to say that they're harder, or softer, or better over distance, or better on roads than the Nimbus or Riders, as that will give me some idea!
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