Motion Control shoe for a lightweight male runner

Hi everyone!
I'm presently seeking a motion control shoe for logging up my winter mileage. The shoes that I own, that @ present agree with me are my NB RC330 racing flats & my Nike Zoom XC spikes (surprisingly supportive!). I just cant find a training shoe that agrees with me! I've been told by my podiatrist I need a motion control shoe ('eeks!), however whenever I try to run in shoes like the Asics MC+ or the Nike Air Durham, it feels like I'm running in an orthopedic boot! Does anyone produce MC shoes for lightweight runners like me (Male, 5'7", 60kg/135lbs)? Any reccomendations? Cheers all...
P.S. I've tried the Asics DS Trainer VII, 1070 & 2070's & only really find the DS Trainers remotely agreeable. Hope that tit-bit helps


  • Hello Craig

    Check out my thread on MC shoes.

    I'm 5kg lighter than you. I have the same problems with MC shoes. Most of them are like housebricks. I love the Durhams, but you obviously don't.

    You could try the Brooks Addiction. They're cheap as well.
  • What about getting your podiatrist to contruct an orthotic to fit a shoe you are comfortable in such as a light weight trainer which should give more cushioning than a racing flat but won't be as cumbersome as a MC shoe. This would be a more expensive option though, but you could achieve the support you need with the responsiveness you wish for.
  • Why don't you try on a pair of Adidas Supernova Control. I am around 60Kg and I think they are excellent!
  • You could try the Saucony Omni 3s. They are not heavy and come in two versions Ultimate and Moderate. I've run in both and like them.
  • I used to run in Supernova control and thought they were good - but since switching to Nike Skylons the Supernovas feel like they are too cumbersome.

    It's all relative - the Skylons are meant to be neutral but I get no problems and I too have been told I overpronate (hence the Supernovas). I would hate to have to run in something like a Brooks Beast - just too heavy and these kind of shoes almost feel like they are controlling your gait rather than you controlling it.

    My policy now is nothing over 300g and nothing over £50 - seems to work OK so far. I feel too many people start running in stability/control shoes on the advice of a shop assistant who very often has never even seen that person running or at best has looked at them doing a slow jog on a treadmill.

    Sorry for ranting on about this probably totally irrelevant to the thread. It's just that it seems so many people are told they have this fault with their gait in running yet in over a decade of football I'd never even heard of it - surely if it was such a problem then lots of footballers would need motion control boots - especially as these days with the explosion of astroturf and indoor football a lot of people play many times a week. I'm not saying that there aren't people that find these products useful - just that I find it hard to accept so many need them.
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