oh god!!! so many names!>>>>>>>>please, just find me the right shoe

well, as the title suggests, i am, indeed, looking for a pair of trail shoes. switching from road to trail wasaone of my best running choices, but i can get the traction, i need the grip here people, combined with some midfoot support adna good cushioning, fore and rear foot...because i've had the shin splints in the pst and don't want a relapse!>
any help at all would be gratefuly accepted. please consider that i run a lot of muddy/stony/forest path mixed trails and that there will be an uphill-downhill element involved in the not distant future...i intend to get onto the fells.
similarly, for the mixed runs, i would see the well cushioned, sggressive, grippy trail shoe.

the >>> for the x-country, i seek spikes my friends, any wearers out there who could give me a few pointers???

any help again gratefully accapted.



  • I love Adidas Swoop, not so good for MT, but if your staying off road then I haven't found a better pair.
  • Oh and for MT stuff Adidas Trail Response used to be excellent, not sure if they are still manufactured though.
  • there always used to be an advert in the back of runner's world for a company which resoled old trainers with a very grippy sole. I had an old pair of asics shoes re-soled by them and have been very happy with the result.
  • Just foundthe address of company mentioned above, it looks like it was actually in a rival puplication sorry !!

    they are;

    Cheshire Shoe Repairs
    Dept RF
    65 Folly Lane
    WA5 5ND

    Can't find the 'phone number I am afraid
  • ok, what about the terra tupus? heard good things about them i have! and also, the spikes? any suggestions there?
  • I can seriously reccomend the terra tupus. I've had a pair for 6 weeks now run 2 cross country races in them and some long training runs. Great traction, very comfy, light enough to race in.

    You'll have noticed I quite like them....
  • hmmmm,
    bought some of the asics corrido spikes, there great,
    stuck in a set of 15mm's and got great traction, but i would say, don't brake on their heel, cos they will slip under a large braking effort. but there great..................................!

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