Tuesday Session - 3rd December



  • No full body massages for me :-(

    What :- Steady 10 miles into work, 1hr:15 ish
    Why :- Great way to start the day
    Last hard :- Sunday 10 mile race
    Last rest :- yesterday

    Pitch black when I started at 6:15am, but not too wet ! Our new offices have showers in, fab.
  • Great speed sesh in the park. Only running for 45 mins though. Wish I could get out again - might do a video, as it's only 810pm!
    Well done on all your speeds/off roads etc...
    Laura, I haven't read what your time was, but from a quick glance yesterday, I gather you did well in a 10k on Sunday. I'll go and look it up now. But just to say, well done!!
  • It was hill reps again - as feared. I reckon the climbs are (both sides of the hill) 1/3 mile near enough; average gradient 1 in 10 or thereabouts.

    Were told we were doing 6 - as we trotted back down the hill for the 6th time, the coach told us that, in the interests of developing "mental strength", we would do a 7th. Oh joy.

    Times: 2:05½, 2:10, 2:10 and 2:15 (that 7th rep) on one side of the hill, and
    2:05, 2:05½, 2:05½ on the other.

    Plus 2 mile warm-up jog and 2½-3 miles warm down - probably covered about 9 miles altogether.

    Coach's last words on leaving: "Next time we do that session, we're going to try 8 reps".
    There's something to look forward to.....
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