There`s always something happening ( in plodland )and it`s usually quite loud.



  • what's up babe?
  • Nope, not anywhere remotely back related.
  • Beer cancelled Aiki ?
  • I can't see you going for facial tattoo

    or neck

  • Oh well if the paintings finished suppose I`d better clear up.

    < hangs up assorted painty body parts to dry >
  • How did we start talking tattoos?
  • thanks Hooves

    you are right

    it's getting quite bad I think because DM is getting more and more loopy - I told you she sacked her psych? - and because she thinks being depressed is so shameful and stigmatizing (gee thanks) I'm the only local person she's told

    and you are right

    she wants too much
  • well

    M has more than one tattoo

    one is upper arm

    was trying to locate another

    reckon we can rule out ankle
  • Back from plod

    it was a speedy session, so it was slow plodding alternated with faster plodding
  • Funniest tattoo(s) I ever saw...
    Knuckles of left hand "SCOT"

    Knuckles of of right hand "LAND"

  • had hilarious confession from her on the phone yest

    which I better hadn't relate on a public forum

    but even I was tmi'd
  • If she brings in those shower shots we will see - the damp ones - in the shower - damp from the shower.........
  • Well done Sas

    talking Tattoos
  • ummm


    my spacial skills are carp

    am sitting here trying to make two fists and work out why that's funny

    cos when you put them together they would read land scot?
  • She ?

    Oh go on Flr, do tell.

    Or mail ?
  • is anyone going to correct a misapprehension? or not??
  • Actually it read dnalscot! He must have done them himself
  • Well done on the plod Sas.

  • LOL Was just wondering about that

    <wonders if Tet knows that...>
  • That sounds about right M.

    Probably doe with Indian Ink and a pin.

    Sooooo attractive.
  • oh well

    we all look the same in the shower

    kind of
  • Where did that n go ?
  • ah

    like borstal dots?

    mailed you Hooves - hope it's not got a naughty word filter on it
  • thought it was tattooing by cloven quadruped

    very popular near the Royal Parks
  • So in the shower I have purple hair?
  • Off to check mail, back in a mo.
  • it's not the sort of tattoo that spells SOS or something when you bend down?
  • And where did Tet go anyway?
  • lol


    (wonders where Yeo learnt about stuff like that)

    did I get an answer to abdomen?
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