Lactic Acid

Help! Will there ever be a time when my calves don't feel as though red hot fish hooks are being dragged through them?

I'm on r5 w3 X3 at the minute and while my breathing is fine my calves kill.

Will this feeling go away?

Please please say yes somebody!


  • What's r5 w3 X3?
  • At a guess, it's run 5 minutes, walk 3 minutes 3 times.

    dippy - if your calves are hurting, maybe you need to stretch a bit more (or stretch if you don't) after warming up.
  • Dippy, it does get better! Honest!
  • if your calves are hurting you are probably going too fast. slow down

    and stretch and stretch and stretch, and not just attempts at stretches, proper stretches that you hold for at least 10 or 20 seconds

    and warm up and warm down

    and stretch and stretch

    most important to stretch after a run when muscles are tighter.
  • Thanks guys

    Voods you're right it is run 5 walk3 3times and I will try to stretch a bit more.

    Gingerloon I don't think it's possible to run any slower. I have a treadmill in the garage that I bought with a small windfall last year and didn't use enough. I'm getting back into it (for good this time) and run on it while it is too dark to go out.

    I plod at 6.2kph (told you I was slow)but I can actually walk faster - I've taken the start slow advice to heart!! I thought it was mph but him indoors says not. I'm really depressed now!

    The funny thing is it stops almost as soon as I get off with no ill effects the next day. Weird.
  • are you saying it's only when you are running they hurt? you don't have any tightness or soreness afterwards?

    I dont know in that case, might be worth posting on health and injury.
  • Yeah, I don't think I'm injured and it certainly feels like lactic acid but when I stop I do a few stretches (more than before I start) and the ache goes away.

    Maybe I need to do more before I start and stop being a wimp after the breathing is fine.
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