Asics gel nimbus V - men (blue/silver)

Hi folks...

In a bid to avoid YET AGAIN coughing up another £90 for another so-called updated shoe, I'm first trying to find any of the old Asics Gel Nimbus V (men) shoes. They're dark blue and silver in colour, and whilst I can't remember the UK size, the label in the shoe says US 10.5 and EURO 44.5. If any of you are or know any retailers with any left, please could you giz a shout?

Thanks in advance to anyone that has any,

Rob :)


  • Try Start Fitness,(, or link from Shopping Partners at the right of this page)had some last week, not sure about sizes though.
  • Hi Wilkie...

    Thanks for your message...sad to report that although the deal they are doing on the Nimbus Vs is fantastic, they don't appear to have any in my size :(

    I might have to bite the bullet and get the new it my imagination or are shoes getting more and more pricey? I remember when £70 was a top price for a shoe...and when Wispa bars were thicker and winters were snowier and summers were long and hot and hazy....
  • Just a quick tip I picked up on other threads.

    The gel in the shows have a life of about two years (unused) so getting a cheap deal for shoes a couple of seasons old may not be worth it. When you buy them, ask how long they're been stored in stock.
  • Hi Muzzer...

    Thank you for the tip...something I didn't think of and people should be made aware of, I reckon. I bit the bullet and splashed out on a pair of Nimbus VIs yesterday and they fell pretty darn good. They'd better!!!!

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