So we are all members of the URWFRC but what about the Wifes and Family when we are happily running around and they are left in the car parks?
Cold they become members of their own club URWFRCWFC?


  • My ex wouldnt get out of bed when i was with her, so no chance now....

  • Are you bragging, Nicko?
  • Wot would the club do??

  • How about the Unofficial Runners World Forum Running Club For the Unattached Fella Wanting a Female Runner For Woo-ing, Clubbing and Running Companionship - Would Feel Ready Waiting For the Right Woman?


  • I could be chairman...
  • I'll book your appointments

    (whilst sifting out the more promising ones for meself hehehehe)

  • It'd look good on the back of a T-shirt, too.

    The motto? "Virtual Club, Real Saddoes"?
  • Thats another one of the xmas list RB.

    Looks like the cards yours mate.....
  • I'd better not comment on this..
  • q. what did Busta Rhymes say when performing a gig in central europe?

    a. "WOO HAH! i got you all in Czech"
  • er. that post was meant to go in the darkside. i posted it in the wrong window. sorry :D
  • It wasnt funny in either Psi Sorry.....

  • Does Busta Rhymes play a lot of chess then?
  • Mr A
    URWFRCFUFWFRFWCRCWFRWFRW should not be confused with

    Unofficial Runners World Forum Running Club For Fellas With Families Wanting a Female Runner Without Family For Woo-ing, Running Companionship Without Wanting Family From Fella or Refering to Running Fellas Wife.


  • Or the Popular Front for Judea, either.

    Or the Unofficial Runners World Forum Running Club For Women Who Want Co-operation From Fellas Who Will Frequently Run Following Rest, Recuperation and Cuddles From Wifey, Children or Floozy.


  • The
    should further not be confused with
    Unofficial Runners World Forum Running Club For Women With Families Wanting a Female Runner With Family For Whinging, Cooking Recipe Comparrisons, & Running Companionship Without Fellas Running Faster & Winning Races
  • Or the Peoples Popular Front For Judea
  • What did the Romans ever do for us anyway???
  • Thank God for that then. It could have gone on a bit otherwise.............
  • It may still go on...
  • ...and on.....
  • This is all well and good but I still can't access the flaming site!! Can someone please post a link?

  • I have - lots of times... finally got through just now but keep getting error messages - page you want cannot be displayed - internal server error - and more usually DNS error.
  • Sythree
    Agreed cant log onto today either. System is down

  • Following something I posted on another thread, I'm very very worried.

    Ashley has suggested forming a club for the wives and children who are left in the car park when we are out running.

    Did anyone see the programme last night on BBC2 about the people who meet strangers for INTIMATE CARNAL RELATIONS IN CAR PARKS?

    What kind of club is this, Ashley???
  • I missed that but I understand it is very popular in France where you throw your car keys in a hat and see who you end up with.

    It may be an interesting idea though and if so my kids are certainly being left at home.
  • OK new club (serious one)


    For the younger members
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