Rotterdam Marathon

Hopefully I will be running my first marathon this springtime in Rotterdam.

Has anyone done this one, or is anyone planning to run it this year???


  • I'm considering doing it but am wavering between it and Paris. I did Amsterdam in October but believe Rotterdam is supposed to be a nicer marathon all round.Organisation should be good.
  • Ran Rotterdam in 1999. Not bad at all. The course has changed since then (about one third of it is now different) but it was OK when I ran it - except for a dual carriageway section around 27 kilometres where you can see runners coming down the other side approaching 40 kiolmetres (unless you're heading for 2 1/2 hours when you'll be at 40 seeing people at 27km!). It's pretty flat (it is Holland after all!)with the steepest climb being the bridge across the river which you cross one way after 1km and come back across just after halfway. I've read about the changes on the internet site and it doesn't sound like it's anything too drastic and isn't likely to make it any harder (or easier).
    The Medal is excellent and Rotterdam is quite a nice place despite not being known as a tourist destination.
    I'd certainly run it again should the opportunity arise and I'd recommend it to anyone else.
    One thing is for sure, with more manageable numbers (around 15,000 in '99) and a better course, you'll have a better run in Rotterdam than you'll ever get at London.
  • If I get a fleece from FLM, it's where I'm heading!
  • Thanks Bear, Clientje and Brunswick, would be nice meet you guys there.
  • My son's planning to do this one as a second marathon. Don't seem to be able to download the entry form from the website. He does not want to enter on line. Any ideas?
  • Annemieke,

    Also planning to enter Rotterdam since London rejection came through.

  • 3 of us got our fleece from FLM so we're all off to do this one. Entry on Web looks straight forward & unlike Paris don't need to get a medical done.As this will be my forst marathon really looking forward to it !! ( well I did say it was my first)
  • Does anybody have the web site and details of the Rotterdam marathon? I would like to try and get some more information if I can.
  • Go on which has links to nearly all of the big ciy marathons and lots of others
  • Paul

    They have an English version & on line entry
  • I had my fleece the other day but I've got one more shot at getting a place through my club. Failing that I'll keep in touch so we can meet up perhaps.
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