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Theoretically, I should be in week 3 of my training programme. However, I've had three recent(ish) disruptions from training, and am trying to decide whether to defer my place until next year.

First big disruption came after the Blackpool marathon last June, namely achilles tendonitis (left leg). I didn't get back into proper training until September what with one thing and another.

Things went fine until I hurt my right foot (soft tissue) and couldn't walk/run for a week in late December. I then had 9 days of training, with a bit of soreness in the left knee (don't know why) until I got hit by the flu/cold thing doing the rounds. I don't seem to be able to shake it off and haven't run (bar one short run last week which made me much worse) for over two weeks.

I don't want to sound offensive, but as I ran Blackpool in a GFYA time (3:29), I know I can run a marathon fairly well, and I'm not interested in getting round. Assuming I can start training this weekend, have I left it too late to run semi-OK at London (say sub 3:45)? If not, what's going to be the best way of re-starting my training so that I don't wreck my legs within a few weeks but still get enough long runs in?

Assistance gratefully received. I'm not a member of a club, so I don't know who else to ask!


  • Dont try to do too much to quickly. As youve run a decent marathon time I'm sure your experienced enough to know most of the advice you will get.
    You will know your own body and what you can and cant do at present.
    Build up mileage slowly and any longish runs take very steadily. If possible try to make your long runs on a course where you can cut out parts if you start to feel pain.
    Any speed and fartlek sessions should be built up slowly but are worthwhile
  • You have plenty of time to defer in, why not wait another month and see how you are going, taking note of Groovy's advice.
  • As Groovy has said long and slow is the way to go at first, and make sure your diets good enough to keep your immune system topped up. Every time i have started on the hard work before properly recovering i have been hit with another cold, so now i just start out easy and keep the miles up. When my resting heart rate is back to normal i get on with the hard stuff. I expect you knew all this but i use to teach egg sucking and cant get out the habit..
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the advice, guys. We've had problems with our internet connections at work, hence the delayed reply (nearly a week now - I'd not realised how addicted I'd become...).

    Did a couple of runs over the weekend, and no recurrence of the cold (touch wood). Off to the physio about the knee, though. Anyone know what might be the cause?: pain starts on the outside of the knee and then moves inside the knee, behind the kneecap. And hurts. A lot.

    <Walks off muttering: "You will run the marathon, Cinderella.">
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